Zetu Review – Buy Cheap Deals From Kenya Online

zetu-reviewZetu is an interesting website for Kenyans looking for cheaper deals. What happens is that, Zetu negotiates huge discounts on popular local goods, services and cultural events. They then offer these deals to their subscribers.

To be able to receive the daily deals alerts through your email, you must be one of their subscribers.

How Does Zetu Works?

Here is a summary of how Zetu works;

  • Zetu find good deals worth promotion.
  • They negotiate their prices with the sellers.
  • They offer the deal to their subscribers through the daily email.
  • One of their subscribers decide to buy the deal.
  • He or she shares the deal with friends or family members.
  • A certain number of people agree to purchase the deal.
  • The person who shared and purchased the deal wins. However, the deal will only be activated when a certain number of people agree to buy it.

How Do You Get Started as a Buyer on Zetu?

Getting started on Zetu as a buyer is very simply. You just need to be one of their subscribers and find something interesting to buy. There are different ways to pay for your purchase. You can pay through a credit card, Mpesa, Airtel Money and yuCash.

Once you are through the payment process,  the next step is to share the deal with a certain number of people or friends, who might be interested in purchasing the same deal.

Each deal requires a certain number of people in order for it to go through. If you are able to get the required number of people, you win the deal. You will then receive a voucher and an email, explaining what you need to do to get your deal.

On the other hand, if you are not able to get the number of people required to win a deal, the deal is canceled and your money is refunded to you or it is credited into your Zetu account, depending on your choice .

How Do You Make Money With Zetu?

There are two ways to make money on Zetu – As a Seller –  If you have some good items that you think can sell well, then you could contact Zetu and present them with your deals.  Remember, one of the requirement for a buyer is to invite a certain number of people to purchase the same deal. This means if your deal is good, you might find a high number of people interested in buying it.

The other way to make money is by purchasing deals at cheaper prices and then selling them later at a profit to your friends.  However, this method may not be so effective since you will be required to invite a certain number of buyers every time you purchase a deal.

This is basically how you can make money with Zetu. If you have a good deal that you think is worth offering to the public, you can give Zetu a trial and find how it works out for you.

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