Zazzle Review – Make Money Selling Designs

Zazzle Review - Make Money DesigningZazzle is a website that allow you to make money selling customized products through your blog or by uploading your own designs to be printed on products like t-shirts and mugs, among others things on Zazzle website.

You can also become a Zazzle associate and start earning commission selling other members’ products or recommending them to your friends.

Joining Zazzle

Joining Zazzle is free and no payment is required. All you need is your designs to get started and you are ready to start making some money.

Basically, this how it works;

1.  Sign up for a new account – There are three different kinds of accounts to choose from – Designer, Maker and Associate.

2.  Since you want to become a designer, you will create a designer account. Once you have done that, the next step is to create your designs and upload them to Zazzle.

3.  Then choose the kind of products you want your designs to sell on them like t-shirts.  That all you need to do.

Zazzle maintains the inventory, shipping, payments and returns. So, your work is only focusing on creating some unique designs to attract more customers. They also provide you with tracking and promotional tools for free.

How Much Money Can You Make?

As a store owner, you set up your own prices and decides what you want to earn in royalty. Zazzle has minimums and maximums for marking up the merchandise but it always good to keep it minimum so as to remains competitive. The royalty payment ranges in between 5% and 99%

One best way to make sure you are making some good money on Zazzle is to upload quality and unique designs in big numbers. The more designs you have, the more chances of  selling them and making more money.

In addition, you do not only earn money from your designs. You can also earn more money from  Zazzle associate program by referring other customers to the website to make purchases. You just need to have a blog or a website to display other sellers’ merchandises.


  • Beginner friendly and very easy to start making money on Zazzle, if you are able to create unique designs.
  • They handle everything for you. So, your job is only creating unique designs.
  • No limit on the number of designs you can upload on the Zazzle website.
  • Offers you promotional and tracking tools to help you run your business smoothly.


  • Not many line of products offered by Zazzle in comparison to other similar sites like Printfection.
  • Limited customization options, which may affects your productivity.
  • Not so high quality products but good for the prices.


Zazzle offers a great opportunity for you to make money online in three different ways; uploading your own designs, becoming one of their affiliates or becoming a maker by selling ready made products on Zazzle website.

Even though the Zazzle marketplace is not as big as its rival companies like Printfection but with its popularity increasing with each other day, you can expect it to continue growing.

If you are a designer, a products maker or you would like to earn money displaying Zazzle products on your blog or website, I would recommend you to visit the website and learn more on how to get started.

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