Writedge Review – Revenue Sharing Website

Writedge Revenue Sharing ProgramWritedge is one of the best article submitting websites where you can post your articles and get paid. It is a revenue sharing website that uses Google Adsense as their source of income.

You earn money from the total number of views your articles generate. The revenue generated through the website is shared in ratio of 50% by 50%.

Joining Writedge

Joining Writedge is free and open to members from all over the world, provided you have good command of written English. You must also be able to write articles of atleast 400 words in length.

How to Get Started with Writedge

After you are through with the registration process, you can start submitting articles on any of the topics accepted on their website. Your article will then be reviewed by an editor, if it doesn’t need any more correction, it will be published.

If there is something that need to be corrected, it will be posted as a draft and a message will be attached indicating what you are supposed to review.

Once you have a minimum of 3 approved and published articles without problems, you will then advance to author status and from here onwards, you can submit your articles without having to wait for them to be reviewed by an editor.

However, if after a minimum of 5 submissions, your articles are sent back for review because of poor quality of English, your account will get closed. You will then be emailed and given the choice of leaving your edited articles up to continue to earn or remove them along with your account so that you can use them elsewhere.

In addition, all articles that you submit must be original and not found anywhere else on the internet. They must also be composed of 400 words and above.

How Much Money Can You Make With Writedge

There is no limit on how much money you earn. You get paid $0.5 per 1000 views your articles generate. Writedge also allow you to earn from other affiliate networks like Amazon, ShareaSale, Commission Junction by linking back to them, depending on what you are reviewing or writing about.

There is no revenue share from these affiliates sites and whatever you earn is 100% yours.

How Do You Get Paid?

All payment are done via Paypal once a month on the 2nd. You do not have to request for a payment as long as you have a minimum of $5. Your payment will automatically be sent to your Paypal account.

If you want to be paid via a wire transfer, you must have atleaset $100 in our account. Alternatively, you can pay a transaction fee of $15 if you want to withdrawal anything lower than $100.


Writedge is one of the best websites where you can submit your articles and get paid. In addition, you do not only earn through their revenue sharing program alone but you can also earn through other affiliate programs such as Amazon, ShareaSale, Commissionjunctions, among others.

Writedge also offer their writers an opportunity to link back to their websites, which is also a great way to build some backlinks, especially if you are a blogger.

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