Wikinut Review – Paid Articles Submission Website

Wikinut Article Submission ReviewWikinut is an online community website that allow users to submit and moderate their own contents. It is free to join and open to all, including international members.

Basically, you register on the website, submit an article as an author or you can choose to become a moderator.

If you decide to register as an author, wait for your article to be approved and to be published. You are now ready to start making money from their revenue sharing program. You can also earn money through referrals and their royalty programs.

How Wikinut Makes Money

Wikinut revenue comes from Google Adsense and Infolinks. When you submit an article on the website, the Google and Infolinks ads are displayed along your articles. If a reader clicks on the ad is taken to the advertiser’s website and Wikinut get paid based on the agreed cost per click.

Any revenue generated by the ads displayed along your contents is tracked by Wikinut system. You will then earn 50% of this revenue.

In addition, you will continue receiving these royalties as long as the article remains published on the website.

How Much Money Can You Make with Wikinut?

There is not fixed amount and the total amount of money you earn is purely determined by the total number of traffic your articles generate or the ads click through rates.

However, if you are able to write good contents that can attract many readers, you are more likely to make some good money on the site.

Royalty Payments

Royalty Payments is basically what you earn from revenue from the advertisers. They consist of; payments from commissions, part of the revenue sharing earnings and income generated from other programs found on the website.

Members who are eligible for the Royalty payments are; authors, moderators and those with active referrals. However, to qualify for the Royalty payments, you must be the owner of the material or the article you submit on the website.

You are also allowed to submit a third party materials/article with the owner’s permission. All payments are made through Paypal.

Basically, this is how you make money with Wikinut. If you have a good article that you would like to publish, you can submit it right now and start making money.

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