Top Text Ad & In-Text Advertising Programs

Text links- Programs ReviewIf you are looking for a different way to monetize your blog, this article will discuss the most common in-text/paid links advertising programs available online today.

Unlike other advertising networks, using in-text ads to make money online is usually very convenient since you do not need an extra space to display ads.

In-text ads usually create links within the contents on selected keywords. When a user browsing through a page hovers the mouse over the link, a pop up window appears and if the user clicks on the link is taken to the advertiser’s website. You get paid on CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per action) depending on the program that you are using or promoting.

If you here and you are looking for a text ad advertising company, the following is a list of a few in-text and paid text advertisement programs that I found on the web;


Infolinks is one of the most commonly used in-text advertising program. Infolinks offers many way to customize your text links, which make it very easy to integrate within the page contents. Infolinks CPC also pays much higher compared to most other in-text advertising programs.


VibrantMedia is one of the best in-text ads program with a higher CPC rate. The in-text ads are usually well targeted and covering a wide range of advertisers as well as publishers. Vibrant media do not accept sites with low traffic and there is specific site requirements that you must meet before you are accepted as a publisher.

LinkAdage Ads

Link Adage is another marketplace where publishers and advertisers meet to buy and sell text links. How LinkAdage works is by publishers posting their websites on their auction site with all important details pertaining to the site like page ranking, traffic, page views, backlinks and pricing.

The advertisers then browse through the list of websites and select one that seem suitable to their needs. The publisher is then contacted to approve or dissaprove the offer.

Once a publisher approves the offer, an advertiser text links is placed on the website. The publisher is paid on monthly basis based on the price tag that was indicated, minus the fee.

TNX Text Advertising

Another marketplace for publisher to sell links. You can sell links on specific pages, if you do not want to sell on the entire blog. They also have a system that rates all your pages. The higher the ratings a page gets, the more expensive ad will be displayed on that page. Depending on how much traffic you website is generating, you can make some good money from this site every month.


Viglink is a CPA (cost per action) affiliate program rather than CPC (cost per click). Viglink converts website keywords into affiliate links. If users click on the affiliate links and purchase something from the advertisers website, you get paid a fixed commission or based on the merchant’s commission agreement.


Linkworth offers different ways to earn online including text links ads, paid blog reviews, in-text links, in-content pay per click ads, rotating text ads, hosted content pages, article submission, directory submission, among others. Publishers can decide which among their services they want to use and get paid on monthly basis.

These are some of the few in-text/paid links advertising networks that I found online. Some of them require specific site requirements while others anyone can join and start making money.  However, it is important you keep in mind that, Google do penalize sites that are caught selling links. So, if you are thinking of selling in-text links consider using rel=”nofollow” tag in all outgoing texts links.

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