Tips on Making Money – Avoiding Scams

How to Make Money OnlineIf you are just getting started on making money online or maybe, you are looking for ways to increase your current income, you better continue reading this post.

There are so many things you could do to earn some few extra dollars online or even to make internet your only source of income.

Internet is full of opportunities and it can only take you a few minutes to find something to do. However, not every thing on the internet is legitimate and most of the so called ‘opportunities’ have been created for scam purposes. So, if you are not very careful, there is a possibility you could end up losing even the little money you make.

Most legitimate opportunities are free to join and do not require you to pay anything. Any company or program requiring you to pay a initial payment or something of sort, it is most probably it is a scam.

Making money online requires patience, dedication and hard working. To become successful, you will have to work hard even when nothing is coming along your way.

Here are a Few Important Points to Remember:

  • The idea that money can grow on trees and you can have as much as you want is a fancy and should never exist.
  • The idea that you can become rich overnight is another fancy that must get out of your mind.
  • The idea that you can earn money by simply doing nothing and only investing online is another fancy that needs to fade away.
  • The idea that you can do without any skills, no hard working and no risk taking is another fancy. You will need skills, you will have to work hard and you will have to take risks.

Having put those few points in mind, how do you then go about making real money online?

1.  Know Your Skills and Talent

Are you good in singing, playing games, writing, cooking or even literature? What is your talent and passion? We all have those hidden talents or what we really enjoy doing.

If you are good in writing/literature, search for opportunities that would offer you a chance to advance your passion in writing.

You could start your own blog or get hired to do freelancing. If you find something you enjoy doing, you will be able to earn and at the same time, you will be improving on your skills.

2.  Define Your Goals

How much work can you handle and how much money do you expect to earn in one day? Setting your goals will help you in keeping more focus on  your wok.

If your goal is to earn atleast $5 in a day and then you find you are only earning $2, you will have to re-evaluate your path and find out what you need to improve on.

You could also decide to look for other companies offering a higher pay or maybe, you could choose to be more flexible by increasing your working hours and accepting more offers.

3.  Do Not Be Too Choosy

This is one of the main reason why most people fail to make money online. Some people will not accept some offers just because they fall below their qualifications or expectations. Hallo! You are looking for ways to earn money online and I do not see the reason why you should be too choosy.

Even if you are looking for jobs that falls under your passion or qualifications, other jobs do not require specific skills and anyone can do them.

Believe me, any opportunity that will add a few dollars into your pocket, it worth a trial, provided you are not degrading or humiliating yourself or someone else.


Making money online is not as easy as most people think. To become successful online, you will have to work hard, be aggressive, vigilant and have patience in your work.

You may get disappointed at the slow pace of earning and sometimes, you may even feel like giving up but you will have to keep on motivating yourself and trying different opportunities.

As time goes by, you will start realizing your real potentials and even start appreciating how good you have become in making money online.

Always remember this famous quote by Charles F. Kettering; “Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down”. 

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