Tips on How to Sell on eBay

Tips on How to Sell on eBayYou are probably having a lot of old stuffs that you do not use anymore but you just do not know where to start. Selling stuffs on ebay is an excellent way to earn easy money since it requires minimal effort and less time. With little dedication and some basic knowledge on how to sell on eBay, you could end up making a few hundreds or even thousands of dollars within a few days.

Selling Stuffs on eBay

First, you will have to decide whether you want to sell your own stuffs or stuffs from other people. If you decide to sell your own stuffs, this is easy since you know what you want to sell. On the other hand, selling other stuffs is abit more tricky, since you will be spending your money to buy the items and then selling them at a profit. There are two ways to go about selling other stuffs on ebay. You can decide to bid for items straight from ebay and then re-sell them later on. Placing bids on ebay will require proper understanding of the market value of the item and sometimes, you will have to incur some extra charges, especially if you decide to use eBay automatic bidding system. The other ways to find stuffs to sell on ebay is by;

  • Looking for wrongly priced or undervalued items or those that are not well optimized for maximum exposure and have a great followings.
  • Searching for discounted stuffs on other major retails stores that might be selling at a full price on Ebay and other marketplaces.
  • Buying undervalued items on garage sales and thrift stores.
  • Buying branded items that are no longer been sold (taken out of market) but still with a large following or a big market.

Assuming you already have your stuffs and ready to sell them on eBay. You will need an eBay and Paypal account. Signing up with eBay is very easy and it will only take you a few minutes. You can read my previous article on how to make money selling on ebay.

Tips on How to Sell on eBay

Most people fail to make money on eBay just because they did not take time to learn a few most important things. Others, are just not aware of the proper way to go about doing it. If you follow in any of the two given categories, here are a few tips that can help you to sell your items faster and at a higher price;

1. Quality and Quantity Pictures

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. You are more likely to attract more buyers if your have quality photos taken in different locations at a different angle. The better your pictures are in quality, the more confidence your buyers get and they are more likely to pay more money.

2. Proper SEO of Description and Titles

This is another issue that is underlooked by many people selling items on eBay. People use search engines to look for items. Your items need to be visible in search engine results. This is basically very basic SEO and you do not need to be a professional in SEO to do this. You are simply going to think of a word or phrase that people use while searching for the item that you are selling, then use it in your title and in your description. Make sure to include all other important information that describes the item in your description.

3. Know the Shipping Cost

You do not want to lose your money while shipping an item. Get an accurate estimate of the shipping cost. The best way to attract more buyers is by providing free shipping and then including the shipping fee on the item price.

4. Proper Timing and Getting Listed

Ebay sellers are usually charged three different kinds of fees;

  • The listing fee
  • Enhancement fee (optional) – You only pay if you want to enhance the appearance of your items.
  • Final fee – only charged when you have sold your items.

eBay traffic is significantly increased on weekends, which equals to more sales. It is important to make sure your listing is getting a weekend listing. You can choose the 10 day listing, starting from Thursday to include Saturday and Sunday or a 7 day listing starting from Sunday to the other Sunday.

5. Follow-Ups and Message Checking

Frequent checking of messages is important to give prompt answers to potential buyers who may need urgent clarification on shipping or other issues.

6. Ship the Item as you Promised

It is very important to gain the buyer’s confidence by shipping the item on time and as you promised. You will be relying on the buyers’ reviews to market your self and bad reviews, equals to no sales, no money.

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