Selling Old Books to Make Money Online

Selling Old Textbooks to Make Money OnlineIf one of your hobbies is to collect books or you have a library of old books, then you could turn it to money making opportunity.

As you all know, books are part of our everyday lives and even with the introduction of eBooks, there are still a huge number of people who prefer reading the traditional books.

In American alone, on average, over 300,000 books are published every year, according to UNESCO, without counting the number self published online eBooks and this number does not seem to be slowing down soon.

If you enjoy reading books like I do, you are most probably having a library of old books. Some people prefer keeping them for references purposes or as a part of history while others just do not know what do with them.

So, if you fall in the last category or maybe, one of your hobby is book collection, here are the two websites where you can sell your old books and make some money.


BookScouter is a search engine that allow you to search and compare prices from different books buying websites. BookScouter is free and no registration required.

However, if you are a frequent user or you would like to be among the first one to be notified of any new listings, it is recommended you join the BookScouter Pro, a monthly subscription that features a Bulk Lookup Tool, BookScouter Deals, notifications, tracking and historical vendor data, among other benefits.

How Works?

As I have said, is like a marketplace for book buyback or websites buying old books with over 55 book vendors listed on the website.

Basically, the website lists a group of websites where you can sell your old books. Each website has its own pricing for a particular book. So, if you are searching for a book, you are able to buy or sell at the best prices.

How to Sell or Buy a Book Using BookScouter

The first step is to compare prices. You simply search for similar books from different book sellers using the books ISBN. This allow you to find out how much the book is selling and which company is paying the highest. Once you have the list and the prices, you can now decide where you want to sell your book.

This information can also be used by those who are in books selling businesses since they are able to know the least amount they can buy a particular book and the highest amount they can be able to sell them, even before actually buying the books.

This is not a marketplace but rather a website where you can directly sell your books. To get started, you simply create a new account, enter the ISBN of book that you intend to sell and other relevant information, including the prices.

Select your preferred method of payment, i.e. PayPal or cheque. You are now ready to sell your old books and make some money. If you are not sure how much the book is worth at that particular time, simply enter the book’s ISBN to see the prices of other sellers.

Basically, that is the way you make money with your old books. However, some websites listed on only accept books from specific countries, so you will have to go through the list of book buyback or websites to find one that accepts international sellers like

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