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Paid to Review SitesIf you enjoy writing reviews about products and services, the following is a list of website that pay for reviews. There is no pre-registration needed and joining is free. Some of the below sites are specifically for some countries. Others accept members from all over the world.

1. Softwarejudge

If you are looking for ways to make money online writing software reviews, Softwarejudge is the place to be. This is a good site where you can review different type of software in available categories, ranging from movies to computer software. The payment is quite attractive and ranges up to $50 for a well written review. You earn $1 for any review that you submit whether it is approved or not.

2. CNet Reviews

It is a subdivision of CBS and one of the most reliable site to earn. It cover wide ranges of products from electronic, software and web hosting. You can choose the product that you want to review.

3. Ciao

This is another site that pays for your review. The members are responsible for rating your review and rating may range from not helpful, somewhat helpful, helpful and very helpful. Payment depends on the rating and how much your review has generated each month.

4. ConsumerSearch

This is another site for paid reviews. It is well designed making it easy to navigate through the site. The products range from home, garden, kitchen wares, food and computers. You can choose any category that you want to review.

5. Reviewstream

Here you can review any product that you have used. The payment depends on the daily payment rate, which may be up to $2.00 . If your review is not specific enough, you may end up been paid with the bulk rate, which is the daily payment divide by 5.

6. TestFreaks

A website made of reviews from different countries across the world. It also have reviews from other reputed websites that are well presented on the site. You can also submit your own reviews. They also have a specific web for Indians.

7. Epinions

Epinions is almost similar with Ciao. It is a product review cum shopping website and features different categories of products. Reviewers are given titles like advisor, lead according to the quality reviews that they have submitted and depending on how long they have been submitting.

8. ConsumerReports

This is one of the oldest review sites that uses paid subscription. It consists of millions of subscribers who regularly subscribes to the website.

9. Buzzillions

This website features many products from all over the world. You can review anything that you want or write review for products found on the site.

10. TrustedReviews

If you are good in reviewing different kinds of products including videos, this is one of the best site to earn some money. In addition to user reviews, the editorial review are all over the page and dominates most of the reviews. They also offer the opportunity to write a product comparison report.

Here you have the top ten list of paid reviews sites. Go through them all and find the one that meets your needs. Make sure you also read their terms of use before you can start submitting any review on any of the given sites.

One thought on “Review Writing Sites – Earn Money Writing Paid Reviews

  1. Radek says:


    I am afraid you have to add update to this post because these sites are off from paying users for their reviews:

    2. CNet Reviews (can register)
    9. Buzzillions (can register)(can write but no earnings for user at least no information about payment and earning in terms)
    8. ConsumerReports (can’t register)
    6. TestFreaks (can’t register)
    4. ConsumerSearch (can’t register)
    10. TrustedReviews (can’t register)

    I have similar site in different language. If I am wrong please correct me ;).
    Best Regards,

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