Revenue Sharing Sites to Earn Money

Revenue SitesThe following is a list of revenue sharing websites where you can submit your articles and earn some money;


You write and submit quality, original articles. This is not a site for poetry or personal opinions. The information you submit must be factual and informative. Your earnings are based on the total number of views your articles generate.

Associated Content

Associated Content allow you to submit articles on any category or any topic. They also accept submission of video games and articles on how to.

Articles about parenting and lifestyle performs very well on the site. Depending on the quality of your article, it can fetch up to $3-$5 upfront and $1.50 to $2.00 extra per thousand views.


Triond is one of oldest websites where you can submit your articles and get paid. Articles submitted on the site ranges from video, poetry and almost any other topics.

You get paid based on the total amount of income generated through ads networks like Infolinks. Writers earn up to 50% of the total revenue generated.

Important: Incase you have problem accessing Triond with Google Chrome, trying using a different web browser like Internet Explorer.

Helium Network

Helium Network formerly known as Helium recently changed from articles submitting website to a content outsourcing network.

You can sign up as a writer or an editor to write/edit articles for other companies. You then wait to be informed once there is a writing opportunity on your chosen field.


Bukisa is a revenue sharing website where you can make money based on total number of views your articles generate. However, to be able to submit an article on this website, you must have an approved Google Adsense account.


Xomba is a revenue sharing website that require writers to have an a Google Adsense account. How much money you earn is based on the total amount of income generated by ads displayed along your articles.

The more views your articles generate, the more money you earn.  You get paid through your Adsense account by Google.


Expertcolumn is one of the best website to submit articles. Your articles get exposed to a very wide audience. It is free to sign up and no pre-requirement is needed.

Once you become a writer for Expertcolumn, you can start a blog in any niche. The maximum number blogs you can have is six.


Redgage is a revenue website that pay you for blog posts, photos, videos, among others.  Ads are placed along your articles. You then earn a certain percentage of the revenue generated based on the total number of views your articles get. You get paid once you account reaches the minimum cash out balance, which is around $25.

About is another revenue sharing site for serious writers who can be able to write long and quality posts. They have very stable monthly payments for writers. How to do guides articles do very well on the site. payments are usually very good and can be up to several hundreds.

Demand Studios

Demand Studios is one of the largest media publisher website for writers. To apply for a writing position, you are required to submit a well written resume detailing your writing experience and other relevant information.

You can make up to $15.00 per article written on any topic. However, unlike most other sites listed above, Demand Studios only accept writers from certain countries.

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