PostJoint Review – Make Money by Publishing Guest Posts

Make Money With Postjoint Postjoint is a content marketing platform for publishers and advertisers. However, unlike other blog marketing platforms where publishers write their own articles to publish on their websites. In Postjoint, advertisers are the one who provide publishers with articles to publish on their website.

How PostJoint Works

Joining PostJoint is free and is open to people from all over the world, provided you have a blog. You can either join as an advertiser or a publishers. You then fill up the registration form and wait for Postjoint team to approve your blog.

Once your blog is approved, you can start accepting different offers and making bids to advertisers. However, you are only allowed to view an excerpt of the post for content protection purposes, until the time when the advertiser will accept your bid to publish theccontent on your blog.

Once you have found some offers that you think can fit to your blog contents, you then contact the advertisers with your proposal or bid. You can communicate with the advertisers through the internal messaging system for a quick response or via email.

You also set your own price, based on your site traffic and other recommendations as suggested by Postjoint team. The advertiser will then decide whether to accept your bid or not. If your bid is accepted, your will have the chance to view the whole post and publish it on your website.

Once your found an advertiser and you have agreed on the pricing and other terms, you must publish the post within 48 hours.

Importance:  In addtion, you should also make sure you discuss about nofollow tags with your advertisers to make sure your blog does not get penalized for paid links.

How Much Money Can You Make With PostJoint?

There is no limitations on how much money you can make with Postjoint as it all depends on how many posts you are willing to accept, your site traffic, your niche and whether there are many advertisers willing to accept your bids. You will get paid the total amount of money you agreed with the advertiser through Paypal.


Postjoint offers a great opportunity for bloggers looking for ways to make money online and for advertisers looking for more exposure by getting their contents published on high traffic and niche related sites. It is also a great site for bloggers looking for guest posts for free.

However, it is important you communicate with your advertisers and make everything clear before you can publish any post on your blog since you will be the one dealing directly with the advertiser. Postjoint work is only to connect you (as a publisher) with potential advertisers.

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