Payoneer Debit Card Review – How to Get Paid in Kenya

Payoneer MasterCard Debit ReviewIf you are doing affiliate marketing or any other internet marketing business that require you to receive payments online, one best way to get paid is through a Payoneer debit card.

Payoneer offers a MasterCard debit card that allow you to receive money from any of their registered partners from all over the world. When you become a member of Payoneer, you receive a debit card that you can use to withdrawal and make payments online.

How to Sign Up For a Payoneer Debit Card? 

Signing up with Payoneer is very easy and they accept people from all over the world. However, you will need a valid I.D – either a passport or a driving license. Once you have the documents ready, you simply fill up the form with your personal details and attach an ID. Payoneer usually takes around a week or so to approve/deny your account.  However, they might request you to submit a second document to prove your physical address.

Once your account is approved, you Payoneer card will be sent to the physical address that you used when filling up the registration form. You then login to your Payoneer account and set up a pin number. From there onwards, you can now start receiving payment from different partners registered with Payoneer, such as Clickbank, Amazon, Fiverr, among others.

What happens is that, you receive a routing and a bank account number that allow you to get paid from US banks. So, any money that you get paid from any of their registered partners will be loaded to your Payoneer card.  You just have to make sure you have selected the checking method and filled up your Payoneer bank account information correctly when filling up payment options from the partner programs.

Once you Payoneer card is loaded with the money, you can withdrawal it from any ATM anywhere in the world or withdrawal the money directly to your bank account.

What are Payoneer Charges?

Payoneer charges are relatively very competitive in comparison to what other similar banking companies are charging.  You get charged $29.95 per year, plus 1% every time you receive a payment from any of their registered partners and $3.50 every time you withdrawal from an ATM machine.

Payoneer Affiliate Program

Payoneer offers a very lucrative affiliate program, if you are able to refer a good number of active customers. For every $100 deposited with the Payoneer from any of your referrals, you and the referral who deposited the money get paid $25 each. So, for every $100 paid or deposited with Payooner, $50 is paid out to affiliates.

The $25 is immediately credited to your Payooner account. You do not have to do anything or even request for it. You can withdrawal it anytime or use it to buy goods or services online from partner companies.

Below is a screen shot showing the $25 that was credited on my account the first time I got paid through Payoneer.

Payoneer Review

As you can see, I started using Payoneer on January this year and as soon as I got paid my first payment, which was $$265, the yearly payment of $29.95 was deducted and then immediately after, a $25 was immediately credit to my account as affiliate commission.

From there on, I have continued to receive payments as well as withdrawals without any problem. So far, I have no complaint as I am fully satisfied with the Payoneer debit card service. One thing I like most about Payoneer  debit card is ability to be able to withdrawal money from anywhere in the world.


If you are doing affiliate marketing, selling goods online or you are looking for a faster way to get paid, Payoneer offer you a good alternative.  You do not have to wait to get paid by a cheque or to reach a certain threshold inorder for you to request for a payment. You can withdrawal you money when your balance is as low as $10.

The Payooner charges are also very reasonable in comparison to what other similar institutions are offering.  In addition, you also get paid $25 if anyone signs under your name and deposit $100, which is very high as commission.

If you are reading this post and you would like to get started and get paid $25 for free or to learn more about how to get started, you can visit Payoneer website for more information.

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