Online Jobs Paying Through Payoneer in Kenya

How to Get Paid in Kenya with PayoneerEmployment in the strict traditional sense is fast fading away giving room for more inventive and flexible money making ventures. Online work for example has taken very deep roots in Kenya and the only challenge that remains is getting paid fast and efficiently.

This article looks at Payoneer as a payment option for freelancers and the online workforce in Kenya.


Globally recognized as one of the largest online employers, oDesk just made things a whole lot easier for Kenyan online writers who are registered with them. With a constant stream of work and very lucrative earnings, you need a safe and secure way to get paid.

Payoneer takes care of this flawlessly making receipt of payment from employers anywhere in the world possible. In just a few days and at a reasonable charge you will be smiling all the way to the bank with the payoneer-oDesk partnership.

Sole Proprietors

While most online jobs in Kenya are offered by international companies, more and more Kenyan writers in the industry are learning to navigate their way through the system. This simply means that after learning the ropes, a writer can source for work and have a few people under their employ.

Having the payoneer card in such a case is very advantageous because it enables you to access cash at local ATM machines, which you can then send out to your employees. Payoneer has partnered with banks locally to make this even more convenient.


Of all the online employers out there, Freelancer is definitely the one company that takes the hat for the longest standing entity. It has been around longest and continues to provide work for thousands of Kenyans online.

In fact, some employers specifically ask for Kenyans simply because they are known to be thorough and hardworking. Working on freelancer with the payoneer MasterCard is a definite way to rise fast in the online world.


Elance is another household name when it comes to online jobs for Kenyans. With thousands of writers registered, elance makes remittances in the form of salaries that run in the millions of dollars yearly.

For a fast, affordable and hustle free way of getting paid if you work on elance you need the payoneer card. You can apply for the card directly from the elance site making elance a one-stop-shop not just for virtual employment but also for great payment solutions.

Writerbay is another platform that Kenyans are using to get great work and great pay. Once registered with the website, you are scheduled for payments every month with payments made out only if your account has accumulated $100 and over.

Using payoneer at is convenient and fast. With the world moving to the online platform, this is the most ideal way to get paid for a job well done.

There is a lot to be said about online jobs that pay using payoneer in Kenya. Most notable of these is that they do not have to be writing jobs. Contractors from all over the world, including ones within Kenya are hiring virtual workers to do all types of work for them without the usual hustle of formal contracts and interviews.

Other online companies that prefer Payoneer as a method of payment include Clickbank, affiliate marketing marketplaces – where you display products of other companies on your site, IT jobs online, programming jobs, artistry jobs and so much more are all available online.

With payoneer as a payment option, you can keep a digital track of your finances from anywhere in the world. There are charges incurred when using the payoneer just like is the case with your other ATM cards such as maintenance charges, replacement charges, load up charges, activation charges and so on.

However, despite all this, payoneer has risen to become the most preferred method of payment for online jobs in Kenya today. No more hungry middle-men waiting to wolf down your hard-earned cash. You can read more on how to sign up with Payoneer here on this page.

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