Niche Affiliate Marketing in Kenya

nicheNiche Affiliate Marketing is specifically creating a website or a business to target specific group of people or a certain segment of the population. Basically, with niche marketing, you only focus on a specific topic or area within a certain category. Niche marketing it’s usually considered as one of the best affiliate marketing strategy since you only target people who are interested in whatever you are offering.  Most marketers usually opt for niche affiliate marketing to be able to laser target buyers for specific products they are promoting.

One major benefit of a niche marketing has to do with search engine ranking or placement. With niche marketing, your website is most likely to gain a better search engine placement since you tend to concentrate on a single topic or category.

Getting  Started on Niche Affiliate Marketing

The most important thing that determines how successful you become is the keyword. You have to pick the right keyword to target. Right keyword means a keyword that people are searching for or simply what is called “buyers’ keyword”.  There are various tools that can help you find the right keyword to target such as Google Keyword Planner.

However, remember to pick a keyword with high monthly search volume (above 10,000), if possible and with less competition.  Create an exact domain name of  the keyword. If  you cannot find an exact domain name to purchase, you can choose a more broader domain name. You just have to make sure whatever you write is concentrated on that particular topic or keyword you are targeting.

Basically, you can be able to find a niche in every field and since the competition is much less than when targeting broader terms, you will  find that it’s much easier to rank or to become successful with niche marketing. What you will need to do is concentrate more on writing quality contents as there is no exception when it comes to niche marketing. You still need fresh contents like any other niche.

To maintain the high search engine rankings, it is important you update your blog, regularly and create contents focusing on the niche keywords you are targeting. Make it a habit of updating your blog every other day or atleast 3 times in a week with new contents, optimized well with the right keywords. If your website is specifically for reviews for marketing  affiliate products, include also related articles. Related articles should always comprise the most part of any website.

Finally, closing  a sale with niche affiliate marketing is usually not very hard, provided you are able to give your audience something more than just selling to them. Most of the readers who will be visiting your website are interested in the topics that you are discussing and if you can continue providing them with something unique, they will likely click on the affiliate links found on your site and most probably buy something.

Niche affiliate marketing has been proven to work very well, you just have to make sure you pick the right keyword, write quality contents and pick the right products to promote to your target audience.