Music Xray Review – Earn Money Rating Music

Music Xray Earn MoneyMusic Xray is an online program/website where you can listen and rate music from other upcoming artists and earn cash rewards.

Basically, it is a website for artists to submit their work to be reviewed by professional without having to go through middlemen as well as for music fans to make money by listening to their favourite music.

As an artist, when you submit your music for a review, you are assured of a professional review within 45 days from the time of submission, which can really help since you get to know where you need to improve.

How to Make Money with Music Xray as a Fan

Making money through Music Xray is by listening to the music of your favourite artists and then giving out feedback. To get started, you will have to select the fan section. You then fill up your personal details, including gender, date of birth, up to five music genres and up to 10 of your favourite artists.

Once you are through the registration process, you can now start receiving emails with music from your selected favourite artists. All you need to do now is to listen to the songs and give a star rating to earn money.

Remember, you can only sign up using your Facebook account. So, you must have a Facebook account to be able to become a Music Xray fan. Signing up for a new fan account is free, however, if you are an artist, who is uploading music to be reviewed by professionals, you are charged some fee.

Other way to earn money is by becoming a Music Industry Professional, whereby, you can start posting your music opportunities or hiring incoming artists.

However, to become a Music Industry Professional,  you will have to go through a verification process before you are allowed to even post an opportunity.

According to Music Xray, their Music Industry Professionals represent a wide variety of backgrounds, experience, and genres. From Grammy winning producers and prominent music supervisors, to sound engineers and career coaches, Music Xray provides you with a direct connection to the top tier of the industry.

Other Benefits

Acoustic Similarity Software

Acoustic Similarity Software that is used to match a fan with the right artists by looking at the preferences in their music genre, favorite songs and favorite artists.

How Much Money Do You Get Paid?

The payment is not much, however, if you are able to review like 50 songs in a day, it could add up to something not so bad after sometimes. You get paid $0.1 for listening to a song for 30 seconds.  You can withdrawal it any time via Paypal.

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