Make Money With Zimbalam Digital Independent Music Distributors

Zimbalan-ReviewI do not think there is anyone who does not enjoy listening to music. Music as a form of art offers some relaxation and helps in relieving stress. In addition, with the introduction of different genres and all kind of music, there is a lot of music variations to choose from and unlike in the past, nowadays,  it is possible to find the right music at a relatively cheap price.

In other instances, you might be a talented artist but you just do not know where to start and how you can sell your music. This post is meant to help music bands, artist or anyone inspiring to become a musician. In the post, I will be discussing about Zimbalam; an independent music company where you can sell your music online and make some money.

What is Zimbalam Digital Independent Music Distributors?

Zimbalam is digital music distribution company based in Europe that helps independent musicians to sell their music. The company offers independent artists a chance to sell their music in different parts of the world through the use of their major digital stores and streaming services. The artist then get paid 90% of the royalties generated from the sales.

To get your music listed on their site, you need to pay an up-front fee. The initial cost varies and depends on the type of release that is being distributed.

Currently, the charges are;

  • 19.99€ for a single (1 or 2 tracks)
  • 29.99€ for an EP or album

These upfront charges are payable by either use of a credit card or through Paypal.

Zimbalam offers a non-exclusive contract that allow you to keep all of your music rights. By using their services, you only grant them the non-exclusive rights to sell your album to countries that you have selected. You can terminate your contract anytime, provided you have given them a 30 days notice.

They also offer a range of free tools to their artists. These free tools are meant to help artists sell their music online. Zimbalam tools include;

  • Sales reporting and analytics.
  • Music player that you can embed on Facebook, Myspace and any other website.
  • Fan buzz that you can use to track your fans.
  • Since you are given your own artist page, you can be able to directly sell music to your fans with your music player, mail, Facebook and Twitter.

Who Can Register with Zimbalam?

Any artist can distribute their music through Zimbalam. Nowadays, you don’t need to be signed to a record label to sell your music worldwide. With Zimbalam you are able to make your music available to the world to stream and download.

Zimbalam is a good music distribution company for independent artists or new comers trying to venture into the digital music world. The company offers anyone from any part of the world an opportunity to sell music and make some money. Basically, when you register with Zimbalam, you do not need to sign up with a record label to sell your music worldwide.

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