Make Money Selling Used Mobile Phones

Make Money Selling Used Mobile PhonesWith new brands of mobile phones being introduced into the market every other day, it is obvious that there is a huge market for new mobile phones as well as for old ones.

Over the last few years, Mobile recycling businesses have also become very popular and the demand for old/used mobile phones continue to rise with the introduction of new ones.

Recycling mobile companies usually buy used mobile phones to refurbish and then sell them later to other countries. Other recycling companies do the work of breaking them into small components and selling them as scraps.

Setting up a mobile recycling business is usually very easy and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started. You only need some cash to purchase your first few used mobile phones and if you are able to get a good recycling company, you would be in profit after a few sales.

How to Sell a Used Mobile Phone

First, you will need to do a little bit of research. Go to other mobile shops or a mobile websites that sell used mobile phones and make note of the fast moving mobile phones and how much they are selling them.

Also, take note of the brand, model and the age of the fast moving mobile phones. Here are a few international website where you can sell your used mobile phones – Envirofone, Mopay, Mazuma, Mobiles2cash, among others.

Now since you have your list of the fast moving mobile phones, the next step is to look for somewhere to buy the phones. You can check with mobile repair phone shops or simply create an advertisement and put in the local newspaper or wherever you know it can be seen by people.

Make sure you list your contact details properly since this is what sellers will be using to contact you.

Once you have your ad running, the next step is to wait for a call from the sellers. It is important to make sure you have compared the selling prices with several other recycling companies to find out which among them pay the highest.

Now since you know how much you are going to sell the phone, you can start negotiating the price with the seller.  Make the sellers an offer that is the lowest and you think they will accept, but which allow you a decent profit margin on top.

Finally, once you have agreed on the pricing with the sellers, it is now time to pay the seller and get the phone. Send the mobile phone to the company that you have selected that offer the best prices.

If it is a local shop, you can personally take it there and get paid as you had agreed with the recycler. If your are selling your phone to an international company then it will require you to ship it and you will have to negotiate about shipping charges before sending it.

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