Make Money By Proofreading and Editing Jobs

ProofreadProofreading and editing jobs are some of the money making ways not commonly used. This is because, unlike other internet money making opportunities that require no specific qualifications or little skills,  to be hired as a proofreader, you must have the right qualifications. The ability to understand and analyze the subject matter in details.

This is usually not so easy, especially if you are coming from countries that use English as a second language. However, one good thing with these kinds of opportunities is that, most companies also do hire translators for non-English speaking clients.

Making money by proofreading and editing can be a rewarding experience since these kinds of jobs tend to generate a much higher payout in comparison to other jobs, such as article writing. If you think you got what it takes to become a professional proofreader or editor, here is a list of websites that can hire your services;


This is an English editing and translation website for researchers, academics, institutions and businesses. They hire translators and editors who are qualified in medicine, natural sciences, social sciences, law, business and humanities.

2. is a place for hiring professional editing service.  The company only employ editors from the top rated universities in the United States. To qualify as an editor on the site, you must be able to provide comprehensive proofreading services, assist customers in brainstorming, develop new ideas and help applicants in producing polished, original essays.

The work is Internet-based, which allow you to receive and complete jobs from anywhere in the world. You can set your own schedule and work volume. You get paid after completing the job on the amount of money indicated on the assigned job. No formal training is needed, provided you are capable of maintaining quality and finishing the job on time, based on their guidelines.


This is a proofreading company based in UK. They offer jobs in proofreading and spell checking of books, websites, articles, documents, academic works and translations. You can apply online, provided you are able to submit a proof of identification, address and a qualification certificate.

How much money you earn is determined by many factors such as;

  • The level of the qualification (Undergraduate, Masters, PHD etc).
  • The grade of the work ordered (2:2, 2:1, 1st class etc).
  • The length of the work; their pricing structure is set per 250 words.
  • The length of the amendment period that the client requires (this is where they can contact you if they feel their original requirements haven’t been met).
  • The guarantees the service offers (they offer an elite service with additional guarantees.

Currently they are paying in the ranges of the following;

  • Undergraduate level per 1000 words
  • For 2.2 standard undergraduate rates ranges from £35 – £61.
  • For 2.1 standard undergraduate rates ranges from £43 – £76.
  • For 1st standard rates ranges from £86 – £151.

Master Level per 1000 words

  • Pass standard – £43 – £76.
  • Merit standard – £60 – £105.
  • Distinction standard – £100 – £175.


This another proofreading company based in US. They offers proofreading and editing services in English language for business and individual clients.


Currently, they are not hiring new employers but whenever they do, they hire highly qualified, professional proofreaders with minimum of 5 years work experience. You can only be hired after you have passed their battery test in editing.


A proofreading company based in India that offers proofreading and editorial services, among other services.  They employ proofreaders and editors who are qualified in 3 broad area of expertise – journal articles, dissertations, book manuscripts, speeches, among others.


Mulberry Studio is a transcript company based in US. They provide transcription services to clients in business, finance, technology, educational, media and medical industries. If you have a good background in transcription and want to earn some extra income working from home, Mulberry Studio can be the right place for you.

These are some of the few companies that I found on the web, hiring proofreaders and editors. Others that I found seem to act as middlemen or outsourcing companies by connecting employees to potential companies looking for workers.

I would recommend if if you are looking for a proofreading or editing job, it is much better to apply directly to the company rather than going through a middleman.

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