How to Make Money with Pinterest

Pinterest - Make MoneyPinterest is one of the popular social network with over 70 million users worldwide and accounting for approximately 41 percent of e-commerce traffic from social networking sites.

It is not just a mere social network to meet friends but an established platform where marketers  and advertisers looking for ways to market their businesses meet to try and benefit from its growing position.

When it comes to making money with Pinterest, it is not as easy as it seems and a lot of hard work and preparation is required. Just like any other way of making money through social media, you will need to work towards getting loyal followers or people interested in whatever you are offering or posting.

One of the secrets of getting as many followers as possible is to make sure you are constantly pinning. Make sure you pin every little thing you find interesting. Pin constantly and even create multiple boards for your pins.

Do not also forget to follow interesting boards that are similar to whatever you are offering and invite your friends from other social networks to join.

Finally, be an informed pinner by posting useful information and links. If your boards are actually useful to the users, you’ll have the best foundation to actually start making money on Pinterest.

Once you have managed to build a name for yourself or your business and you have a responsive followings, you can now start thinking of how to make money with Pinterest.

How to Make Money with Pinterest

Making money with Pinterest is not a direct method. Pinterest used to allow direct linking but they no longer allow since it resulted in affiliates spamming the site with affiliate links.

There are two ways to make money with Pinterest; having your own website and then posting your website photos on Pinterest so that any reader who clicks on the pin will be taken back to your website.

The other option is similar to the first one but this time, you will need to have a Google Adsense account with ads running on your blog. You do not even have to write or post pictures of your own. You can search for interesting photos from other websites and post them on your site, linking back to the source.

When readers click on your pins on the Pinterest will be re-directed back to your website and it is most likely as they browse through the pages, they will click on the ads found on your website. You will then make money based on agreed CPC.

Basically, this is how you make money with Pinterest. If you have some interesting stuffs that you would like to share from your own website or other peoples’ websites, why don’t you get started right now by posting your first pin.  The opportunity to make money with Pinterest is unlimited, provided you understand what you are doing.

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