Make Money Online with Different Advertising Networks

Different Advertising NetworksMaking money online through different advertising networks is the most commonly method used by most bloggers. The reason being that, most advertising networks do not have pre-requirements and the only thing you need is a blog to get started.

There are different types of ad networks that you can choose from, depending on  your niche and the one you think can work best for you.  To help you in selecting one, here are some of the different types of advertising networks available today;

1. CPM Advertising Networks
CPM stands for cost per thousand impression, which simply means the amount of money you get paid per one thousand pageviews. These type of ads are usually good for blogs that generate high traffic.

Here is an example of how much money you can earn. Let us assume your blog is generating a daily traffic of around 3,000 unique visitors and you are getting paid $3 CPM, this will total to around $9 per day from your visitors alone.

However, different advertising networks have their own fixed rate and others pay much better than others.  So, make sure all always compare before deciding the one to use. Examples of CPM ad networks includes;

  • Contextweb
  • Tribal Fusion
  • Value Click
  • Infinity Ads

2. PPC Advertising Networks
PPC stand for pay per click. This is the preferred type of advertising by most advertisers since you only get paid when you blog/website send a visitors to the advertiser’s website.

Most PPC networks allow you to set your own rate and only display ads that are related to your contents (targeted ads). The  total amount of money you make depends on click through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC) and the target audience.

In addition, some geographical areas are paid much higher than others. Some of CPC advertising networks include;

  • Google Adsense
  • Chitika
  • Adhitz
  • BidVertiser

3. Direct Banner Advertising
With direct banner advertising, you sell an advertising space on your blog and set your own price. You are able to deal directly with the advertiser and no middlemen are involved.

Depending on the availability of your blog space, you can choose to sell different ads including banners, leaderboards, square boards, widgets, skyscrappers or even other formats.

4. Text Links Ads
Text links ads is another good way to make money online through ad networks, especially if you have a limited space. Most text links advertising networks usually utilize the contents of a blog.

So, whenever a reader visits your blog, some texts in your blog posts are automatically converted to hyperlinks and if a visitor clicks on the text is redirected to the advertiser’s website, you then earn some money, based on agreed CPC.

The other option is to sell sponsored text links, which works in a similar way like text links. When a user click on the sponsored link and lands on the advertiser’s website, you get paid an agreed amount of money per click.

Examples of ads network that uses text links are;

  • DigitalPoint Links Sales Forum
  • Infinity ads
  • In-link
  • Infolinks
  • Text-links Ads

6. Cost Per Lead Advertising Network
CPL is a form of affiliate marketing where you get paid for sending customers or leads straight from your website to another business website. If the customer you send buy something from the website, you get paid the agreed amount of commission.

You can also get paid for acting as a middle man between a seller and a buyer or for a customer completing a certain action, such as filling up a form.

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