Make Money Guest Blogging & Paid to Blog Websites

Guest Blogging WebsitesNowadays, blogging has become a favorite thing for most people. This is most likely because, starting a blog is very easy and the only thing you need is to have a story to write about.

While most bloggers do enjoy writing articles for their own blogs, other bloggers are not only writing their own blog articles but they are also writing articles for other blogs.

Others only specialize in writing articles for other blogs without necessarily having their own blogs. This is what is called guest blogging or paid to blog.

Before you can even think of guest blogging, there are a few things that you need to put into consideration. First, you will  have to decide whether you want to do it as a part time job or as a full time job.

However, incase you already have your own blog and you decide to do guest blogging as a part time job,  make sure you only write for websites with high page rankings.

If you do that, you will not only earn through guest blogging but you will also be able to acquire quality backlinks to your website. Incase you do not have your own blog and you decide to write articles for other blogs, you should then be able to provide a sample of your work.

So, it is better to set up a blog a few months before applying for guest blogging so that you could let them see a sample of your work.

There are a number of websites that accept guest bloggers and freelancers writers. The following is a list of such websites and niche they accept:

  • Developer Tutorials – Web Design
  • Make a Living Writing- Make Money Online
  • 1st WebDesigner – Design/Blogging
  • Dollar Stretcher – Different topics
  • Metro Parent – Parenting
  • WorldStart- Computer Tips
  • Pro Blog Design – Design/Programming
  • Writer Weekly – Money Making
  • WP Web Host – WordPress
  • Photoshop Tutorials- Photoshop
  • Sitepoint – Web Development
  • 451Press – Different topics
  • PSD Tuts+ – Photoshop

Some of these websites manage several blogs in different niches. You can choose one that you think is appropriate for you. Guest blogging is a good way to earn money online, especially if you are able to come up with different ideas.

You can decide to have three or four blogs you attend to daily. Every post you write will appear under your name and you will get paid for the total number of posts you make. The more posts you create, the more money you make.

You can also decide to do guest blogging as a full time job since there will always be some websites looking for someone to write for them.

Another way to make money is to specifically write for other companies or websites on your own blog. Currently, there are many websites using this system. This means you will constantly be making money since you can get several orders in one day. You get paid depending on the length of your post or words count.

The other similar way to make money is to start some blogs and then sell them later on to potential buyers or companies. For instance, companies or individuals might be thinking of starting a website and they might be looking for a blog to buy. If you have already set up a blog, you can contact them for negotiations.

Here are some of the websites where you can get paid for blogging for them;

  • Linkpost
  • Smorty
  • PayPerPost
  • Bloggerwave
  • Blogvertise
  • Pay u 2 Blog

Here you have my list of the top websites where you can submit your guest articles and start making money online. However, incase you do not find one that suits your niche, there are still many more places to search for work or related opportunities, such as job listings, craigslist, among others.

However, one best way to win and stay ahead of others is to make sure you already have your own blog where you can display your creativity.

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