Make Money From Pay Per Blog Post Websites

Paid-to-BlogNowadays, there are thousands of money making opportunities, which you can simply find with a simple search on the internet. Unfortunately, not all those advertised opportunities are real or genuine and if you are not careful when selecting the ones to join, you may end up getting disappointed when it comes to the time of payment.

Infact, some of these websites will disappear soon after you submit your first review or post. This is the reason why it is important to do a background check before joining any program online.  In addition, joining a legitimate program will save you alot of time, energy and spare you from unnecessary disappointments later on.

So, the following is a list of websites that pay you to blog about their products and services or even for completing other related tasks.


PayU2Blog is a website that pay bloggers for completing various assignments assigned to them on time. This website only accept blogs of high quality that meet a certain criteria. After submitting your blog, you wait for it to approved. If your blog is approved, you will get notified through the email. On the other hand, if your blog is not approved, you are not notified.


Review me is a website that accept blogs with specific Google page ranks. Once you register with them, you should submit your blog and wait for it to be approved. If your blog is approved, you are given an opportunity to  browse through different offers from the advertisers, which are mostly about writing a review of a particular service or product.

If you decide to accepts an offer, you then write it in your blog where the advertisers can access and buy it.  A review can fetch in between $20.00 up to $200.00


In SponsoredReviews, you earn cash by writing honest reviews about advertisers’ products and services. The review should be written in an attractive ways and appealing to the audience. Some advertisers require disclosure badges to be placed on your blogs, while others may require site-wide disclosures.


Blogitive allow bloggers to choose what they want to review from their website. It is easy to join and no specific pre-registration requirements. After registration, you can review different offers that are available on the website and accept the ones you want to write on your blog.

They offer different ways to make money online such as; cost per posting, among others. Other services offered include; newsnerve, ghost blogging and comment moderation.

Blogging Ads

Blogging Ads pays for the total number of ads you display on your blog. Basically, you submit your blog for approval, wait for it to be approved. Once your blog has been approved, you can view and accept blogging ads opportunities.

You then create posts in your blog with a permanent link, which you must submit for approval. The posts are reviewed weekly. This means your post must remain alive in the blog as long as you have agreed with the advertiser or else you might not get paid.


BlogDistributors provide bloggers with an opportunity to write their reviews about products and services of their interests and post them on their blogs.  When approving a blog, they do consider the Google page ranking of that particular blog and the higher the page ranking, the more you get paid per blog posting.

During registration, you are required to describe your blog. You blog is then matched with client’s job that best fits it.


SocialSparks is a website that connect bloggers directly to advertisers. After signing up, you are immediately required to link your blog to SocialSpark. You will then be asked to authorize Google analytic and direct publishing on their supported platforms.

Once you are through the verification process, you can now start accepting different offers. These tasks or offers from advertisers are called ‘opportunities’ and they detail what the advertiser want you to blog about and how many points you earn on each task.

Basically, here how it works, you select the project that you want to write about on your blog, write and then submit for approval. If the advertiser approves it, you get paid through PayPal.


BlogVertise pays for blog ads or for completed tasks placed on your website. If you are assigned a project, a review or an article to write on your blog, you must include atleast 3 links pointing back to the advertiser’s website.

In addition, you must write around 100 words or 2-3 paragraphs for approval. This task must be completed within 5 days.


Linkworth is a website the offers different ways to make money online. There are plenty of money making opportunities including, linkword and linktext for web surfers, link post for bloggers. A link post is a paid blog post written by any blogger within the Linkworth Community.  Advertisers are allowed to choose what they want to be written on the blog.


BlogAdvertisingStore allow bloggers to write reviews about products and services of their interests and post them on their blogs. You can set the hours when you want to write the review. You are also allowed to work as much or as little as you can, depending on your availability. Payments are made through Paypal.

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