How to Make Money On eBay in Kenya

sellingOnline marketing has become a common choice for regular people and for well established buyers and sellers looking for cheaper goods. There are thousands of people who are making good money through online marketing. While some of them have already mastered the art of online marketing, others are just mere beginners but they are still doing very well through selling and buying online.

eBay is well known since it offers sellers and buyers a market place; where you can basically find almost any sort of products/goods that you are looking for.  Today, they are many people who are making a living by selling products on eBay and you can be one of them.

How to Make Money on eBay as a Kenyan

If you have been selling on eBay, it is most likely that you already known the game and probably by now, you are making some good money. If you are a beginner or thinking of starting an eBay business sometimes in future, then this post might help you in making the right decision.

First, to start selling /buying any product on eBay, you need to have an account. Go to eBay and register a new account.

There are two ways that you can use to make money on eBay;

  • Sell your old stuffs or other items that you may wish to sell
  • Buy and sell other people items/products

The first method is pretty easy since you only need to list whatever you want to sell, fix a price, give a title, write the product description, choose payment method and shipping charges and attach pictures of your items. Remember to choose a relevant and optimized title since this is what buyers will be using to find your products.

The second method is a bit tricky since it involves buying and selling. First, you need to decide what type of business you are going to set up or what type of products you will be selling. Decide whether you want to stick to one particular type of product or you want to deal with different products. Go to eBay advance search and look for more information about the product that you decide to sell;

  • How popular is the product
  • What is the price
  • What is the shipping charge and
  • Any other important information that may help you in making the decision.

Now that you have already decided what products you want to sell, you want to know where you will be buying your products. This can be very tricky since if you do not do a proper search, you may end up buying the wrong products. There are two types of stocks in eBay; Wholesalers and Dropshippers.

In wholesalers, you buy items and keep them as your stock. You need to have a store to keep the items and money to buy for items in advance. In Dropshippes, they hold the stock for you until when you receive the payment from the buyers. This is less risky compared to wholesaler since you will not be using your money to buy the goods.

The other way to find low priced items is by use of a software called auction sniper to ensure that you get the item at lowest price possible. Checking the packaging of the items can also reveal vital information like the name of the manufacturer where you can be able to vist their website and find out more about the item.

Now with all this information, I hope you are now ready to fix your price and start selling your products on eBay. Make sure that you go for items that are not very expensive, however, this will solely depends on you and what you enjoy selling. You might not get buyers immediately and may take you sometimes or even months before even selling a single product but do not give up. Keep on going and soon or later you might start enjoying the fruit of real business.

Incase it happens you sell something, remember to encourage your buyers to write reviews after they buy your products. These reviews/feedback can have significant positive influence on the way the other buyers perceive your products.

How Do You Get Paid by eBay?

eBay payment are done through Paypal. However, you can also indicate other payment options like cash on delivery or personalized payment processors. However, if you are going to target international customers, it much better to sign up for a Paypal account, which is free to get one.

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