Legit Online Jobs for Kenyan Students

Legit Online Jobs for Kenyan Students

Kenya faces an unemployment rate of 39.1%, it has been further worsened by the slow growth of the economy. But over the past ten years the government has created an enabling environment for technology and internet to flourish.

Further more the increased competition between telecommunication companies has lead to better delivery of services to their customers.

Who knew a laptop or even a smart phone could be a gold mine!.

There are a lot of online jobs that a Kenyan university, college or even a high school graduate can do and earn money on a part time or full time basis. Below are some LEGIT and TAX free online jobs a Kenyan student can do.

1. Start an Online Shop

Today you don’t need a lot of cash to create an online store. By simply using social media you can easily seal a deal from home or any where you are. Having an online shop is very flexible for a student plus they are easier to manage and run.

2. Try Article Writing

There is a huge demand for articles. Many young Kenyans are earning good money working on websites such as iwriter and Fiverr by simply registering to these websites and start earning. You can earn as much as $60 per five hundred word article.

3. Become a Social Media Influencer

Social media has become very popular to many Kenyans simply because it keeps them updated with whats happening. What most people don’t realize that they can earn money from social media by just being popular and having a loyal following.

People get paid between $100 to $1000 or even more depending on their influence on social media just to advertise a product on your social media page.

4. Transcribing

Transcribing is the act of converting an audio file into text. Even though it may sound easy transcribing requires you to train for a while before you get it well. Luckily most freelance websites such as transcribeme offer you a tutorial on how to transcribe their files before you start working.

5. Social Media Administrator

There are many companies, famous personalities or celebrities who don’t have time to regularly post on social media or don’t know how to run a social media page. They hire a social media administrator to run their account in a professional way.

6. Become a Blogger

Blogging in Kenya is very vibrant. You can earn revenue from your blog by simply writing what you

Blogs are very simple to manage and run, further more you can have various streams of income from one blog.

7. Website Designing

If you have some good web designing skills you can easily find work on freelance website’s like freelancer or even upwork. However you can also find clients on social media , you can earn as much as $500 per single gig.

8. Become an Online Tutor

If you are good in a certain field or subject you can earn cash by simply registering to websites like Tutor.com, VIPKid and many more and start earning money as a tutor.

9. Making Logos

If you are creative and good with computer graphics you can sell your skill online on Fiverr.

10. Sports Betting

Even though not every body may agree to this but sports betting can be a source of income for a student. However, due to it high risk and high returns nature gambling can not be a consistent source of income.


Most of the above online jobs do not need any special skills in order successfully accomplish them. However you would need to be patient, hardworking and be a fast learner for you to succeed.

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