International Online Survey Paid Websites

Paid Survey Website ListOver the last few years, online marketing research or survey companies have increased in number to try and meet the demands of partner companies looking for people to give out opinions on different products and services.

While indeed a few marketing research companies have already managed to built themselves a good reputation and are doing fine all over the world, others are cropping up with their main purpose being to scam unsuspecting members.

However, this is not something to worry about since it is very easy to recognize survey scams as most of them will require you to pay an upfront or a membership fee to get access to a list of their partner marketing research companies.

For international members, especially those coming from developing countries like Kenya, it has also become harder to find good survey companies as most of them prefer residents from specific countries like US, Canada and UK.

However, I did manage to find a few paid international survey companies on the web. So, if you would like to earn money completing surveys, continue reading this article to find out some of the most popular marketing research companies accepting international members;


E-Research-Global accept members from all countries. However, you must be 16 years or older to join the e-Research-Global panel. Survey payment ranges in between 1$ to $5. You get paid through Paypal within two weeks of completing a survey.


Spidermetrix is a marketing research company based in Australia. Members who join the panelist are called spiders and earn spider points as rewards. You can also answer short questions found on the site and earn more points. Payment are made through Paypal.


Once you become a member of Ipoll, your preferences are then matched to available survey opportunities and if your demographic profile matches the requirements, you are given a chance to complete the survey. In addition, even if you do not qualify, you get an instant reward.

Most Ipoll surveys takes in between 15-20 minutes to complete but others may even be shorter or longer, depending on the company offering the survey and the kind of survey you are completing. You are paid through Paypal once you have accumulated atleast $25 in your account.

Panel Station

The Panel Station is a unique community of consumers who actively share their views and opinions with marketing research companies looking for feedback about their products and services.

Once you are through the registration process, you will receive 250 points. You can redeem these points for gifts of your choice. You also get a chance to win prizes in their sweepstakes.

However, Panel Station is not available to all international countries. Currently, it is open to residents of the following countries – India, Brasil, Russia, China, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines, Poland, South Korea, Taiwan, Chile, Nigeria, New Zealand, Colombia, Australia, Singapore and Thailand.

Brand Institute

Brand Institute is a leading online research marketing company, the parent company of Drug Safety Institute (DSI), a subsidiary comprised of former nomenclature safety experts from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Canada, USAN Council, World Health Organization (WHO), European Medicines Agency (EMA) and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW).

If you have knowledge in medicine, nursing or related fields then you could register with Brand Institute to become one of their panelists. They pay quite well and payment ranges in between $10 to $30 or more per survey, depending on the kind of survey you complete. Payments are done through Paypal.


Toluna is marketing research/survey company where you can test trial products for free and get paid. You also earn money by completing surveys. In return, you earn points, which are convertible into Amazon vouchers. You also get a chance to win the grand prize of $1000 in cash every month.

Registration earns you 1,500 points. Surveys earn you between 3,000 and 30,000 points. Referring a friend will earn you 500 points. 40000 points are equivalent to 1 Amazon voucher worth $10.


Global Test Market is one of the best and a leading online research companies that accept members from different parts of the world.  As a member of Global Test Market, you earn Marketpoints everytime you complete a survey, which is later converted to dollars.

1000 Marketpoints is equivalent to $50. You are also rewarded 5 Marketpoints every time you are screened out of a survey. You will then receive a cheque in your country currency once you have accumulated atleast 1000 Marketpoints in your account.


Paid View Point is a survey company/website where members are evaluated by “TraitScore”. TraitScoreSM system is used to assess the consistency of survey respondents and to incentivize these characteristics. The higher is your Trait Score, the more surveys you will receive.

Paid View Point does limit the number of surveys you can receive in a month to ensure the highest quality standards for both the respondents and their market research companies are met. You get paid through Paypal once you have reached $15.


Surveysavvy is another leading research company with over 3 million members worldwide. You can answer surveys in IT and computer, health and other fields. Once you have accumulated more than $1 USD in incentives, you can request for a withdrawal. Payment are made by cheque in USD and mailed via U.S. post to the residence address found on their file.


PollBuzzer is paid to answer website rather than survey company. You earn $1 for each question you answer, once it expires.  You can withdrawal your earnings through PayPal every week or give it out as a donation to non-profit or charity organization listed on the website.


Myview is an online research company where you can complete surveys that are matched with your demographic profile. However, you do not earn cash, instead, you earn Myview points, which you can redeem later on as amazon gift cards, visa cards and other rewards. They also do have sweepstakes where members can participate and earn cash.

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