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Captcha Paying WebsitesOver the last years, Captcha entry websites have increased in numbers and as expected, this has also led to an increase in the number of scam websites claiming to offer the same services.

In addition, it is very hard to spot which among them is a scam or will turn out to be scam and most unsuspecting members will end up wasting their previous time with no or little pay in the end.

However, not all of the captcha entry websites are scam. Today, I am going to list some of the genuine ones that have been in operation for sometimes now and are known to be paying their members.

So, What is Captcha For those of you who may be hearing about captcha for the first time. The word Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a sort of security measure known as challenge-response authentication.

It is used to protect individuals or websites from spam by asking an individual to enter an image or word to prove that you are indeed a human being.

How to Make Money From Captcha

Earning money from captcha entry is very easy since you are only required to retype an image into the input field.

Most captcha websites pay within the ranges of $0.5 to $1.00 per 1000 correctly entered captchas. However, the total amount of money you earn depend on your speed and your accuracy level.

Apart from Megatypers, here is list of a few other captcha entry websites that are know to pay their members;


Registration is by an invitation. However, if you do not get invitation, you can still register but your payment will be less and you will not be able to start or join a group.

As a new member, you will be paid $0.5/1000 but once you have completed captcha entry of atleast 1000 images, your rate will be increased from $0.5 to $1. How faster your rate is increased depends on the quality of your work.

Payment is done through LR, Paypal, Payza and Webmoney. The minimum amount of money you can withdrawal is only $3.


Anyone can register with the website and there is no invitation needed. However, to get credited and to avoid your account getting suspended, you are required to type both and full word in the captcha entry field. If you only type one word, you acccount might get suspended. Captcha Paying rate (GMT +6)

  • Morning working period 9am to 1am $1.00
  • Late working period 1am to 5 am $1.20
  • Overtime Period 5am to 9am $0.90
  • Off Peak 9am to 9pm $0.80

They also pay a 10% bonus to a member who does the highest score in late working hours (1 am to 5 am) during a week. For example: If you do 500k captchas at late working hours in a week and if yours is the highest in all team, they will pay you 10% bonus from your total payment or earnings for that week.


No invitation needed. You just have to register on the website. Once you have registered, you are required to create a web money account. The account that you create should be a webmoney keeper account.

In case you have an existing webmoney account but not a webmoney keeper account, you can create a keeper account by using the same password and email that you used to sign up. You account will now be updated to a keeper account and they will create a z-purse for you, which you use during login in.

With your z-purse created and ready, you can now start working on the captcha by following the following simple steps;

  • Simply click on work
  •  Enter your z-purse account information as requested.
  • Click on work hours. You will see a table which shows you the paying rate and when the pay rate is highest and when it is lowest.
  • Click on work again to start working (If you want to increase the speed at which captcha are been displayed, click on speed mode to get the captcha more faster).

Once you reach the payout, which is only $1.00, you can request for a withdrawal by going to payment and then clicking on order. Payment are usually processed very fast within hours of requesting.

4. They pay $1.00 for 1000 correctly typed images. The payment is made through Liberty Reserve.

Important Information that you Need to Know

  •  You can use either lower or upper case when entering captcha.
  • For empty captcha, you should enter 4 (four) random characters and move to the next captcha.
  • You should make sure that your incorrect captcha percentage is within the range of errors. Otherwise having too many incorrect captchas can get your account been deleted from their system.

These are the four captcha entry websites that I found on the internet. So far, they are known to pay their members on time. If you enjoy doing captcha work, then you can take a look at all of them.

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