Iconzoomer App Review – Earn Money Uploading Self Snapshots

Iconzoomer Review- Earn Money Taking Personal SnapshotsIconzoomer is a mobile app for Android and iPhones that you can download and start making money taking assignments’ snapshots.

Basically, it is a mobile network where members can show their daily lives through snapshots of consumer activities.

As stated on their website, the idea behind the Iconzoomer concept is to make the world more open and connected using snapshots as a shared language.

When you become a member of Iconzoomer, you are given assignments that need to be completed within a certain period of time. However, instead of writing notes, you are required to submit some snapshots.

So, you photograph aspects of your daily life that relate to specific assignments and in return, you will earn credits for money, products or donate your earnings to charity organizations.

How Iconzoomer Works

You download Iconzoomer app to your smart mobile phone, you then wait for assignment or tasks notifications through your phone. Most of the assignments are usually short tasks like taking picture of your shoes, taking photos when drinking coffee, photos of your lunch, among others.  You then upload the snapshots to Iconzommer and you get paid.

The reason why Iconzoomer requests for snapshots is for marketing research purposes to help partner companies in understanding the trends and what products are in demand. These insights help in improving their products or developing new products or services for tomorrow.

How Do You Get Paid?

You do not earn cash for every snapshot that you upload rather you earn credits. Each snapshot uploaded earns in between 5 to 10 credits. You can redeem the credits once you have accumulated atleast 200 credits (200 credits is equivalent to $10).

You can redeem your credits as Amazon gifts card, give as charity donation or request for Paypal withdrawal. Payment are made on 1st day of each month.

Is Iconzoomer Legit or Scam?

During my research on the internet, I did come across a few people who complained of the app hanging/crashing while they were using it. Hopefully, they will be able to fix this bug soon.  I did also come across a few payment proofs from people who claimed to have been paid.

So far, there is nothing to prove Iconzoomer is a scam. However, as precaution, if you decide to join any online program, always make sure you do your own background check before joining it.

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