How to Write Excellent Product Comparison Reports Review

Product Comparison ReportFor those who earn from writing product/service reviews, I am sure most of you are aware of product comparison reports. These types of reviews are the best when it comes to payment and you can simply earn a bonus of $10-20 for just one comparison report. One of the best paying website when it comes to comparison reports is Knoji (formerly known as Factoidz).

While writing a comparison report requires extra time, proper analysis and evaluation of the products to be reviewed. In most cases, all information needed to write a comparison report is given and the only thing a writer needs to do is to read and understand it.

A comparison report is usually a comparison of two or more products. In most websites that pay for a comparison reports like Knoji, there is usually a list of products to be reviewed and you can choose what you want to review.  For writers, the most important thing you should always remember is to “stick to the rules given”.

How do you then write an excellent comparison reports?

1.   The first step is to choose or think of products that you would like to compare. You can select as many as five different products in one article but for beginners, I would suggest you to start by comparing two products.

2.  The next step is to search for more information. Try to check how reviews are done in that particular website that you are reviewing for but avoid copying and pasting. Check the style and any other necessary information. Go online and search about other reviews of the same product, make some few notes and once again, do not copy and paste. Read at least two or three reviews in order to have a clear picture of the product. Find related pictures about the products that you are reviewing that you can attach to your review later on.

3. Start working on your reviews (I prefer writing my comparison product reviews on Ms Word rather than online editor then copying it to online editor later on). Write a short introduction summary of what you are going to review and what the reader expect to find in your product comparison review.

4. Write down the product that you decide to review first in your list of products to review. Get some points from your note book and write a detailed product review of the product. Write a brief introduction of the product, specify the cons and pros of that product (use bulletins or numbers to specify the pro and cons), packaging and pricing. Include other important information about that product.

5. When you are through with the first product reviews, move on to the second product and do the same as you did for the first product.

6. Lastly, based on what you have reviewed, write a detailed comparison report on each product and state which product do you think is better than the others. What make this product outshines the others. Try to be objective as much as you can and remain truthful while writing any review. The review that you make determines how the consumers perceive/buy the product that you are reviewing.

That all you need to write an excellent product comparison report. Though comparison reports requires a lot of time in comparison to normal articles, the rewards you get are worth the time. Apart from the high bonuses that you get, comparison reports usually generative considerable amount of traffic and it is also a way of improving writer’s analytical and evaluation skills.

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