How to Make Money with Yahoo Answers

Yahoo.Answers-ReviewFor those of you who are using Yahoo Answers, I guess by now you clearly do understand the power of being a part of Yahoo Answer community.

Yahoo Answers has grown in popularity and as for now, it is one of the largest social networks where people meet to ask and answer all sort of questions.

The power of Yahoo Answers has been great in such a way that, if you have been searching for answers through search engines like Google, you most probably have noticed some of the top results come from Yahoo answers.

This is simply because, Yahoo is one of top search engines and since Yahoo Answers is a part of Yahoo, no search engine optimization process or ranking is required since the minute you submit your questions/answer, it is immediately indexed and ranked.

So, What are the Benefits of Using Yahoo Answers?

  • You do not need to do any SEO process and your questions/answers are indexed and ranked almost immediately.
  • You become a part of the growing Yahoo Answer community.
  • You earn points, which you can use later to your advantage.

How to Make Money with Yahoo Answers
Making money with Yahoo Answers is indirect. It requires a smart strategy and a clear mind. Otherwise, your account will get banned sooner without you having made any money.

First, to be able to take the full advantage of Yahoo Answers, you need to have at least level 2 account and above. You can simply achieve this level by participating in the Yahoo Answers community more often.

Once you have reached atleast level 2, here are the three ways you can utilize Yahoo Answers to your Advantage;

Getting Traffic to your Website
The best way to do this is to look for questions/answers that relate to your niche and then answer them. Make sure you also include some keywords when answering the questions.

Assuming you are already on level 2 upwards, you are allowed to post links pointing back to your website/blog or other sources. By doing this, you are creating permanent backlinks that will drive traffic to your website for ever.

Promotion of Affiliate Links
Promotion of affiliate links is another best way to utilize Yahoo Answers, however, it is also the most risky one. If you are able to build a good reputation, you will find that, most people will start trusting you and even wanting to click on your links.

You just have to make sure the products you are promoting is related to the question being asked or the one you have answered. Do not link to any affiliate product just because you want to make money. Be smart when linking.

Paid Links Posting
If you are fond of doing short online tasks then you might have come across such task as; Yahoo posting/linking. These are websites owners who want to build Yahoo backlinks fast without having to go through the process of SEO.

Some even give you specific questions where they would like their links to be inserted. So, your work is only to answer the question with the links included.

These are some of the indirect ways you can use Yahoo Answers to make money online. However, I am not telling you to go around spamming by putting links everywhere. Yahoo Answers has guidelines on the specific number of links, questions/answers you are supposed to answer in a day, depending on your level.

So, it is important you familiarize yourself with their policy before you can start participating or even thinking of posting links.

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