How to Make Money With CPL Networks in Kenya

Cost per Lead for KenyansBasically, CPL are Cost Per Lead networks where you get paid for sending a customer to a certain website to accomplish a certain action such as signing up for an offer, submitting an email address, subscribing to a certain program, among other things.

Leads generation programs are considered as one of the easiest way to get started on making money online since you do not even need to have a website of your own. The only thing you need to do is to search for an offer to promote and market it to the right audience through Email or using PPC networks like Google Adword or Facebook.

However, not all offers can be promoted using these two methods.  This the main reason why you should always make sure you have read a network terms of use before you can starting promoting an offer.

Some other networks may also allow incentivized form of marketing while others may not. So, it is important to always be aware of what is allowed or else, you might promote an offer and end up not getting paid.

What are Some of the CPL Networks for Kenyans?

One of the best affiliate marketing marketplace for CPL and CPA offers is Offervault. To get started on Offervault, you do not need to sign up for any account.

You simply head over to and on the search field, just insert the word Kenya and click on search.  A list of offers available for Kenyan are displayed. You will then have to sign up with the partner company offering the offer you want to promote.

Below is a screen shot taken from Offervault showing examples of offers available and their prices as on April 6, 2015.

CPL for Kenyans

As you can see, there are different kinds of offer to choose from and each offer has its price tag or how much money you will earn after completing it. For the listed offers, the payment rates are ranging in between $1.20 – $1.60 (around Kshs. 110 – Kshs. 150) depending on the one you choose.

This is what you will get paid if a customer you send to a particular website accomplishes a certain action as detailed. To some, these prices per offer may seem a little bit low but if you are able to get atleast 20 people per day, it could add up to something not so bad by the end of the month.

For example. Let us assume you are able to get 20 people per day to sign up. This will add up to 2,200 per day. In a month, you can expect to make around Kshs. 66,000. This is not bad at all since even if you use part of the money to advertise, you will still be left with something good.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Offer?

As I have mentioned earlier, before you can start sending traffic to an offer, it is important you understand what type of traffic is allowed. If you plan to use social traffic like Facebook, make sure the offer you choose allow that kind of traffic. Incase it is not indicated, you can always contact the support for clarification.

For me, I always prefer using Facebook ads since they are the cheapest and the easiest one to use when it comes to targeting a certain demographic profile. Facebook ads are also very cheap. I have used them several times to advertise some of my Fan pages for my businesses and from my own experiences, prices can ranges in between Kshs. 2.00 – Kshs. 10.00 per page like or per click.

This is pretty cheap and the kind of results you get is tremendous.  The only thing that you really need to know is how to target your ads to the right audience. Thanks to the creator of this Facebook Ads training program since it helped me to fully understand how to target and I always end up spending pennies on my Facebook advertisements.

Going back to the topic, once you have set up your Facebook campaign and is running smoothly, you can now start monitoring your conversion. That is all what you need to do.

You can now relax and start earning money everytime someone completes a certain action. If you are promoting incentivized offers, you can reward your leads by giving them a gift or offering something in return once they have completed a certain action.

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