How to Make Money With ClickBank in Kenya

Make Money WIth Clickbank Clickbank has evolved itself as one of the best marketing channel where marketers and vendors can interact easily online without having to deal with each other directly.

So far, Clickbank remains one of the most trusted digital marketing place. This is most likely because Clickbank has managed to build itself a good reputation among other marketing companies.

What is ClickBank

ClickBank is a marketplace where vendors (product owners) list their products/services for affiliates or marketers to choose what type of products/services they want to promote.

You can find a range of  digital products in pretty much any category or topics, such as Health and Fitness, Fashion, Beauty and many more. For any affiliate who is looking for products to promote, you will definitely find something to sell on Clickbank.

How to Make Money With ClickBank as an Affiliate

First, you will have to register for an affiliate account on their website for free. Browse through the many products/services and find a product that you would like to promote. Get or create a product link of that particular product and start promoting it.

If a sale is made by any person using your product promotional link, you get paid a certain commission based on the vendor’s commission percentage.

What are the Benefit of Joining ClickBank
As a affiiliate/marketer;


  • You get paid a fixed percentage of the sale, which usually ranges in between 50% to 75%. This is much higher compared to commission paid by most other affiliate companies.
  • Digital products are delivered fast hence helping you to earn your commission faster.
  • Clickbank offers varieties of products/services to choose what you want to promote.
  • You get paid a combined commission from all your sales, done on weekly basis.
  • You are assured of getting reliable tracking reports for all your sales.
  • You can promote their products from anywhere in the world. They accept 13 different currencies.


  • Your total earnings will depend on how many products you are able to sell and how often you sell them.
  • It is not easy to decide on what product to promote since they are a thousands of them.
  • Time consuming since you have to browse through different products while looking for the one to promote.
  • You will only be able to sell if you target the right audience with the right products.

Tips on Getting Started on Clickbank as an Affiliate

1.  If you are an affiliate or a marketer and you are looking for a product to promote, the most important thing to remember is to always check on ClickBank Market Place Stats. This will help you in getting a clear picture of what products are moving fast and what type of audience you should target with your products.

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ClickBank offers an opportunity for marketers/affiliates from all over the world to make money by promoting vendors’ product/services. Anyone can make money with ClickBank, provided you are able to target the right audience with the right products. I have sold a few items from Clickbank and I can assure you can make money with Clickbank.

It really doesn’t matter which way you decide to use to promote their products. You can use a blog, email or whatever means you choose to use.  The only and the most important thing you need to remember is that ClickBank is a paid per sale program and nothing else. You are not going to earn anything, unless you sell something.

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