How to Make Money Using Google Trends and Google Adwords

Make Money with Google TrendsGoogle Trends is usually used to show what people are searching for most at that particular time or at any other time. Basically, you can use it to know and compare what topics are globally/locally interesting and how many people have searched for those particular topics or keywords.

It is also used to show how frequently your specific post/topics are appearing on Google news and what region has searched for those topics most.  Apart from this, Google Trends can be used as money making tool or a tool that guide you on what keywords to use when writing articles targeting a specific audience.

How to Make Money Using Google Trends

This post is especially important for bloggers having ads on their blogs and would like to have more visitors coming to their blogs and most probably clicking on the ads. Here, you are basically going to use Google trends to search for blog keywords that have been searched for most in a particular time.

These keywords if used properly can definitely help you in driving more visitors to your blog. With more visitors, there is increased possibilities that some of them will click on them.  In addition, Google Trends can show you the real time results and what is “hot” at that particular time of the day.

Google Trends can also help you in knowing more about your competitors. How your competitors are performing at that particular time compared to the past. With all this kind of information, you can easily know what to deal with or what topics to write about to avoid writing topics that have lost interest over a certain time.

Study the specific keywords and find out how they have been fairing for a certain period of time.  If possible, avoid using keywords that seem to be remaining on top of search engine for a few months. Instead, use keywords that seem to be rising in popularity over a specific time.

Understand the importance of targeting the right audience with the right keywords. If you are planning to target your local readers, you may want to use keywords that are more common in local searches rather than global searches. If you are looking for keywords with global impact, search for keywords that have been globally searched most.

Remember, to be able to rank high for any keyword, the keyword should have a low competition and a high global/local search. This means only a few bloggers are writing about that particular keyword or topics. If you would like to learn more about Keywords, Google Adwords is another great tool to use to find out how many times specific keywords have been searched for monthly or annually and their competitiveness.

Lastly, your articles should not be written for SEO or ranking purposes only but rather, whenever you write an article, your audience should be the most important thing you consider first. Always make sure your article contains all the important and relevant information that your audience would be looking for when they search for a specific keyword.

By writing informative, high quality contents with the right keywords, you are more assured of getting more visitors coming to read the information found 0n your blog and your ads will definitely get someone to click on them.

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