How to Make Money Online Through Email Lists

How to Utilize Email ListsWhile the importance of search engine traffic cannot be underestimated when it comes to generating traffic and making money online.

With the current trends and the unpredictable changes in algorithm, relying on search engine traffic alone has proved not to be very reliable, unless you are willing to fully stick to the webmaster guidelines.

Nowadays, most bloggers and other businesses online are no longer relying fully on search engine traffic and instead, they have found another great way to market their businesses and make money online, building an opt-in list.

Building an email list or an opt-in list is crucial in modern marketing, not only does an opt-in list gives you a chance to address your leads concerns and communicate to them, directly but it also lets you market your products or send your site updates via email. Your subscribers are also likely to react positively to your emails updates since they have agreed to be receiving the updates.

However, you got to be very careful when using an email list for promotion purposes. Most people find promotional email quite annoying and if you are not promoting something useful and of quality, you may end up losing your opt-in list all together. Always make sure whatever you are promoting is of quality and something you are sure it is worth the promotion.

How to Use Email Lists to Make Money Online

Quality Website Content – The key to building a good opt-in list that can help you to make money online is by having quality, unique contents on your website. If you have high quality contents on your website, people will like what they read and they will be willing to subscribe for more updates. Once you have your email list ready, there are various ways that you can utilize it to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing – There are two ways to market affiliate products through email. You can either send an email directly to your opt-in list with a short description about the product and an affiliate link attached that direct your leads to the sales page. The other way is by writing a review about that particular product on your website and then posting it with an affiliate link attached in between the contents.

This review will automatically be sent to your opt-in list once you have posted it. Whatever way you choose, the most important thing is to make sure whatever you are promoting is worth every cent or it is something that you have used or bought it yourself.

Paid Advertisements – Some companies do pay for bloggers to advertise their businesses to their list. This can be another great way to make money online but again, you have to be very careful on the kind of business. If you are promoting unrelated businesses to your leads, just for the sake of making money, you will most probably end up losing your list and making nothing.

Paid Promotions – Companies do pay for websites with a long list of subscribers to promote their products to their leads. You could also make an agreement with a company to get a certain percentage of commission once a sale is made through your list.

Product Testing and Promotion – This is another great way to make money with your opt-in list. You get paid for testing other companies’ products. You could use your opt-in list to test products and then pay them a little percentage of the money that you get paid or give them more free products after testing.

You can also make money by posting links of photos of the physical products that your are promoting and selling to them.

Selling your Own Products – Selling your own products is another great way to make money via an opt-in list. Basically, you make an e-book and other digital products or even your own physical products and sell them directly to your email list.

Membership Sites – Write unique, tutorial form, educative contents that is hard to find anywhere else. Build your list and later on you can request for a small fee and since your leads know the kind of contents you are providing, they will be willing to pay.


These are some of the best ways to utilize your email lists to make money online. However, to be able to do all this, you will need to know how to build an effective email list and with inadequate knowledge, it can be a little bit hard, especially if you are a beginner.

You do not build a list of ordinary subscribers and expect it to make you money online, instead, you need to know how to build a list of responsive subscribers. So, if you do not know how to go about building such an email list, I would recommend you take a closer look at this training and learn all the tips and tricks of email building.

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