How to Build Money Making Niche Website

What is Niche MarketingWhat is Niche Marketing?

Niche marketing is whereby you only focus or target a small segment of a population within the market. Most people tend to think it is one of the easiest form of marketing but it’s not always as easy as it seems and sometimes it can be very tricky, especially if you do not choose the right niche in the first place.

Niche marketing requires proper calculation and a thorough research before you can even decide on what niche to focus on. Choosing a wrong niche may have a lasting and a tremendous negative effect on your income.

There are many important things that you will need to put into consideration but I will only be discussing the few most important ones.

Finding a Niche

Finding something you enjoy doing is one of the most important step towards getting the right niche.  Think of what you know or you understand most about the niche you are about to start. This will help in making sure whatever niche you venture into, you will always have something to write about and not running out of ideas.

Research about Competitors and Market Saturation

Do a thorough research on who are the main competitors of niche you are about to start and the keywords they are targeting.  As you research through your competitors, you will also learn what topics are more popular or where you should concentrate on.

However, this does not mean you will have to do exactly what they are doing. Having that uniqueness is always important to maintain the value of your contents and to attract more readers.

In addition to researching about your competitors, the other thing you need to consider is the market saturation of the niche you are about to start. Choosing a niche that is less saturated will give you an edge since it is more likely to be in high demand.

How to Monetize your Niche

Once you have your niche website, it is now time to think of how you want to monetize it. However, since you are focusing and targeting specific people with common interests and needs, the monetization method that you choose should also be related to your niche.

You could do affiliate marketing where you sell related products or sign up with ads networks like Google Adsense to have related contextual ads.

Right Marketing

Marketing or simply how you plan to drive traffic to you niche website is the final step but the most important part that will determines how successful you become. Proper marketing of any business is a key factor since even if you have a niche website without traffic, you are not going to make any money.

Depending on your niche, you will have to select the marketing method that is most suitable for your business. If your niche is about health, marketing your site in health related forums will be more productive than marketing it on social networks like LinkedIn. While on the other hand, if your niche target professionals, linkedIn would be a better option.

This does not mean you should only concentrate marketing your website on related sites. Other marketing channels like Facebook have been proven to work very well. So, what I am trying to point out is that making sure you choose the right social tool or other related marketing channels will be of much significant.

Lastly, people will only come back to your site if you have something fresh and unique you are sharing with them. To keep up with their needs, you will have to make sure you are updating your site more frequently with the right contents. I hope after reading this post, you now have some ideas how to start your own niche website.

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