Get Paid for Tutoring and Teaching Online

Tutoring jobsTeaching and Tutoring jobs are some of the best ways to earn money. As an online tutor, you can fix your own schedule according to your availability. This is unlike when you are employed in a school/college where you are required to attend daily. There are many teaching opportunities available on the internet, ranging from teaching of foreign languages, teaching following a certain curriculum and advanced tutoring (college level).

Most companies hiring tutors require them to have specific qualifications /requirements, depending on the job you are applying for and the subjects that you intend to teach. The more advanced is the level of student you plan to teach, the higher the qualification you need. However, there are a few standard requirements that anyone looking for a job as a tutor should possess;

  • You should be well qualified on the subject that you plan to teach.
  • You should possess good communication skills.
  • You should have atleast some experience in teaching or tutoring.
  • Atleast a college level of education and ability to pass the qualification exam.
  • You should have a reliable high speed internet connection, microphone and speaker at home.
  • You must also meet specific system requirements according to the employer’s standard.
  • You should have a flexible schedule.

If you are looking for a tutoring job, here is a list of companies that hire tutors and teachers to teach in different subjects;

  • – International
  • – US and Canadian Only
  • – US
  • – US
  • – International
  • – India
  • – India, Philippines
  • – US, UK, Canada, Australia and India
  • – International
  • – International
  • – UK only
  • – UK residents
  • – International
  • – International

These are some of the legitimate companies hiring tutors/teachers. How much money you earn depends on your qualification, evaluation gotten from the students and your availability. If you are knowledgeable in different subjects and you have a flexible schedule, you are more likely to get more offers.

However, getting more offers does not guarantee that you will make more money, unless you are able to maintain positive evaluation from the students.

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