Get Paid to Answer Questions Online

paid to answerHave you ever thought your ideas or answers could be used to help someone looking for an answer and in return, you get paid?  Getting paid to answer questions is just another great way to earn money online since most of the questions asked are usually personal or business related and it is most likely you are familiar with these kinds of questions.

Other questions may be just from someone looking for a solution to make a decision or to solve a certain problem.

Most people looking for answers are willing to pay for expert advice and if you could provide them with the same answer at a much cheaper price, there is a big number of people who would be glad to get the right answers at a reasonable price.

If you would like to get paid for giving answers, here is a list of a few websites where you can register for free and get paid for answering questions;


To register on this website, you must have an approved Adsense account. If your answer is selected as best by a client, it is posted on the website. You then get paid a percentage of revenue generated by Google Adsense found along the page with your answer.


Liveperson is a website for expertise or professionals. If you are an expert in a certain field, you are matched with questions that fit your field. How much money you earn depends on how well you are able to answer a question in a certain category.

Just Answer

JustAnswer is another good site to get paid for your advice. You can answer questions, priced somewhere in between $5 to $25 or even higher. When a customer accepts your answer, he or she pays for it and your earning is then posted on your Just Answer account. You can withdraw your money through Paypal once it reaches $25.


Bitwine is an online psychic network for those looking for physic related answers. The site is different from other sites in the sense that, your advice is channeled through chatting, instant messaging or video chats or even phone.

You are given a number of customers to chat with and fixed your price. If you are fine with the customer’s price, you can use phone or video to chat or any other means that seems convenient to you to give out the answers.


Give advice on any field that you are an expert in. You are given a free phone number and an opportunity to set your price. You also set the time your available and when to receive calls. You can use the phone number that you are given to advertise yourself in other websites.


This site is almost similar to BitWine. The only difference is that, you are allowed to make tutorials about your subject of choice, take photo and post them to be used when you are not online.

If you refer another user in the same site, 60% of his or her earning is added to your account. For every expert you refer, you get $100 as bonus. Customers are given an opportunity to rate your services and you earn more money if you get a better rating.

StudentOfFortune (
A good site for those who have knowledge in education and other educational related subjects. You can choose what subject to teach and make a tutorial about it. If students select your tutorial as the best, you then get paid through PayPal. Chegg payments are usually very attractive.


Keen focuses more on psychic readings. If you have knowledge in the psychiatric field, you definitely can earn from the site. You simply set your price per minute and get paid a certain percentage of the Keen’s earning, which can be up to 62%.

The answers are given through phone calls. If a customer calls and need your advice, he or she is directed to you. You can set time or hours when you are available.


SmallBizAdvice is a site for business oriented people. If you have a business and you would like to share some knowledge,  then this is the best site for you to earn some money.

Questions asked may be simple like how to do or sometimes, they can be harder questions that need to be answered by a professional. You can choose the types of questions you feel comfortable answering and bid for them.

These are some of the few websites where you can register and start earning money by answering questions. One good thing about joining these kinds of sites is you find fulfillment when your answer is picked. Your also share your knowledge and advice with so many people in need, which I think it is the most important thing.

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