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Experts Column - Earn Money Submtiing articlesExperts Column is an online articles blogging platform that pay writers for creating articles on their blogs as well as commenting on other people posts.

Your earnings is based on daily traffic that you articles generate in various search engines and social networks. The more you promote your articles, the more views your articles get, which equals to more money.

How to Get Started with Experts Column

Signing up with Experts Column is easy since they are open to people from all over the world. You just have to register on the website. Once you become an Experts Column member, you are eligible to earn money from your blogs using their program.

You simply create a blog, post articles, promote them through social networks and get paid on view basis.  In addition, you earn money by leaving feedback on other members’ articles and writing on their wall posts.

However, when creating a blog, it is important you remember to pick up one main category that you are very familiar with because it cannot be changed later on. Experts Column is a niche blogging platform hence they allow only one main category per blog.

However, you are allowed to change sub-categories listed under that main category for your blog as/and when desired. The total number of blogs you can have at one time is 6.

The maximum number of words for each article submitted should be 400 and above. Experts Column is very strict for those who submit plagiarized materials or copyrighted contents.  Anything you submit must be your original contents and not found on other site or anywhere else on the internet.

How much money you earn depends on the total number of views your articles generate and where your traffic is coming from. The more the visitors from search engines, the more will be the earnings.

Similarly, traffic from countries like USA, Canada, Australia and European countries will result in higher earnings.

All Experts Column payments are done via Paypal, Skrills (Moneybookers) for all international members and bank transfer for Indian Members. You must have accumulated atleast $5 or above before you can request for a withdrawal.


I used to write for Experts Column sometimes back before they moved to blogging platform and I loved this website. Though I do not write for them anymore, however, based on my previous experience and if nothing has changed since then, Experts Column remains one among the good websites to submit your articles.

One thing I observed is that, product reviews tend to attract high traffic in comparison to other articles. So, if you are good in writing product or services reviews, why not try and submit one or two.

If not, writing other well optimized articles will do the trick and you can start earning some money with only a few of them. So to conclude, Experts Column is a website that I would recommend to any writer to join.

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