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Epic Games Ads ReviewGames advertising networks are not quite many and most bloggers who set up gaming websites end up having problem finding something to monetize their blogs.

There are only a few known international gaming advertising networks like CPMstar as most other gaming networks only accept publishers from specific countries.

If you are an international blogger looking for a way to monetize your blog, continue reading this post to find out more about Epic Game Ad, a CPM advertising network for publishers with gaming websites.

What is Epic Game Ads?

Epic Game Ads is a game advertising network that target game industry or publishers with games related sites, from all over the world. Publishers can register on the website and make money into two different ways; by use of CPM popunders and different sized banner ads that pay on CPM basis.

Basically, there are two different types of ads, the popunders and CPM banners, which are meant for publishers who would prefer less intrusive ads. However, to be accepted as a publisher on this website, you site must meet the following minimal requirements;

  • Alexa rank 3million or higher
  • Flash Gaming Website

The following is the Epic Game Ads payout rates per 1000 popunders in different countries;

  • Australia $5.00 Austria $5.00
  • Belgium $5.00 Canada $5.00
  • Germany $5.00 Netherlands $5.00
  • New Zealand $5.00 Suriname $5.00
  • Switzerland $5.00 United Kingdom $6.00
  • United States $11.00 Denmark $4.00
  • Norway $4.00 Slovakia $4.00
  • Sweden $4.00 Czech Republic $3.00
  • Hungary $3.00 Rest of the world $1.00

How Do You Get Paid?

Payments are done at the end of every month if you have reached the payout balance. The minimum payout rate is $50, which is paid through Paypal.


For publishers with game related websites, Epic Game Ads offers a great opportunity for you to earn money online. In addition, their payment rate per CPM seems to be much higher, if you were to compare Epic Game Ads and other advertising networks offering the same services.

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