ePayduka Review – Make Money Selling Digital Products – Kenya

ePayDuka Digital Website ReviewePayduka is a Kenyan digital marketplace, similar to Clickbank where vendors and buyers meet to sell/buy digital products. Vendors go to ePayduka to list their digital products to sell while buyers go to ePayuka to look for products to buy.  ePayduka also does accept international sellers and buyers.

How to Get Started with ePayduka as a Seller

To start listing your digital products on ePayduka, you will need to register as a vendor.  After registration, you then wait for ePayduka team to get back to you. Once your account is approved, you can now start listing your digital products for sale on the site.

What Type of Digital Products Can You Sell on ePayduka?

You can sell pretty much anything in ePayuka, provided whatever you are selling falls under the acceptable products and it is not a copyrighted product. You must be the creator of a product you are selling or you have been given permission by the creator to sell it.

The product must also comply with ePayduka terms of service as per the vendor agreement. Some of the acceptable products include;

  • eBooks
  • PLR Content and e-articles
  • Business Templates
  • Software
  • Website Resources – These include resources such as PHP, HTML, Java scripts among others. You must pocess the exclusivity rights to the source codes.

What are the ePayduka Charges?

After registration, all vendors must pay an account application fee of $20, a one time payment. ePayduka also charges a commission of 12% of the total sales, which is used to cover up  handling, marketing and transaction charges.

How Do You Get Paid by the ePayduka?

As a seller, you get paid via Mpesa or bankwire. Buyers can pay via Mpesa, Paypal or Skrill. Buyers are encouraged to talk to vendors directly incase there is a problem or to contact the ePayuka system within 48 hours, if the problem is not solved.

Payments are released to Vendors twice a month or every after 2 weeks.  So, all sales made from 1-15th of the month are released at the end of the month while sales made from 16th to end month are released on the 15th of the following month. The minimum amount you need to have in your account before you can request for a withdrawal is $30.


ePayduka offer you a good opportunity to sell your digital products and make money online. If you have an eBook, PLR articles or anything digital that you think is worth selling, I would recommend you to register with ePayduka.

However, since the website is still very new and it only have a few buyers, I think it may take you sometimes before you can sell your digital product but considering you only pay around Kshs. 1800 to get started, i think it is worth a trial. As this is a one time payment and you will only pay 12%, if you make a sale.

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