Envato Market, Graphic River Review – Make Money by Selling Graphics

Graphic River ReviewGraphic River is a marketplace where you can buy and sell files, images, vectors, graphics, templates, ebook covers and plenty much anything that you have personally created.

This site is very popular and by the time of writing this review, they are 4,289,854 registered members with over 6,065,041 items found on their market place.

How Graphic River Works

Graphic River is a subsidiary company of Envato. When you are signing up, you have to create an account with Envato in order for you to get access to Graphic River Marketplace. Once you have registered and confirmed your email address, you can now start selling or buying anything on Graphic River market place. However, whatever you submit must be reviewed first before it can be posted on Graphic River website.

How Much Money Can You Make with Graphic River?

Graphic River states their tops earners are making in between $20,000 to 50,000 per month by simply selling stock images. Authors earn in between 50% to 70% on every sale they make. However, for you to qualify to earn up to 50% to 70% commission per sale, whatever you sell must be exclusively sold through Graphic River and should not be found anywhere else on the web. For non-exclusive selling, you get paid 33% on every sale.

New sellers begin at 50% level and commission percentages are increased as the sales volume increases. A 1% increment is given every time you have made sales worth $3,750. For example, to receive 51% as commission, you must make sales worth $3,750. To receive 52%, you need to make sales worth $7,500, until you reach 70%, which is the maximum commission percentage (sales volume worth $75,000).

Graphic River Referral Program and Withdrawals

You earn referral commission on your referral’s first purchase or deposit of up to 30%. You can withdrawal your earning through Paypal, Moneybookers, Payoneer – Prepaid MasterCard and Payoneer – Global Bank Transfer, if you have accumulated more than $50. If you have less than $50, you can either use it to purchase something on Graphic River marketplace.

If after one year you haven’t earned more than $50, you can then request for a withdrawal through Paypal. For earnings above $500, you get paid via wire transfer.


Graphic River offers a great opportunity for those who would like to earn money by selling stock images, graphics, files, icon, banners, vector images and anything else, graphical. However, the 50% commission payment for exclusive right seems to be a little bit low.

In addition, considering that most items being sold at Graphic River marketplace are costing less than $10, this means you will need to have a big sales volume to make some good money.

However, on the other hand, there are authors who have already sold more than 30,000 items and are making some real money on this site. So, I think the most important thing is to make sure you have something unique to sell so as to increase your sales volume as fast as possible.

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