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EasyAzon Amazon Affiliate PluginOne of the best way to make money online is by becoming an Amazon Associates. By Joining Amazon Associates program, you become an Amazon affiliate and you can start earning money by promoting Amazon’s products.

Becoming an Amazon Associates/affiliate is very easy and it only takes a few minutes to sign up for an Amazon account. However, before you can think of signing up, here are few requirements that you must meet;

  • You must have a website or a Facebook page that you will use to post affiliate links so your visitors can be redirected to Amazon’s website.
  • Ability to receive payments through cheques or checking accounts – The best alternative for international members is to sign up for Payoneer MasterCard Debit Card. You can read more about Payoneer accounts here.

Make sure you also read and understand Amazon Affiliates terms of use. Otherwise, violation of terms of use may lead to your account getting suspended.

Once you have the two requirements ready and you have read Amazon associates terms of use, you can now apply for an Amazon Associate account. It only takes a day or so to get approved. Once your account has been approved, the next step is to get Amazon products links and posts them on your website or blog.

Having to add Amazon affiliate links manually is quite a tedious and a time consuming process, especially if you have an Amazon Store with a lot of products.

You have to keep on logging to your Amazon associate account to get a link for each product, which requires alot of time. This is one main reason that led me in searching for a plugin that I could safely use without having to log in to my Amazon affiliate account.

One such plugin that i came across and I am currently using on this blog is EasyAzon plugin for WordPress.

What is EasyAzon?

EasyAzon is a premium WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin created by Chris Guthrie. Chris Guthrie is an internet marketer and one of the most successful Amazon affiliates who has earned over $100,000 in Amazon commissions and recently sold his top Amazon site in a 6 figure deal.

Chris Guthrie created this plugin with the main aim of making it easy for Amazon Affiliates and as an inspiration of his real experience as an Amazon Affiliate and knowledge of what works.

How Easyazon Amazon Affiliate Plugin Works

Easy Azon Plugin allows you to display Amazon products on your WordPress website without ever having to leave your WordPress dashboard.

Basically, you just have to fill up the EasyAzon settings with your Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. If you do not know how to get these keys, you do not have to worry since there are video tutorials on how to go about getting them and setting up the EasyAzon on your blog.

Here is an an example of how EasyAzon plugin works. If I want to insert an Amazon affiliate link on this page for “New Arrivals on Amazon Video Games Category”, I will  just click on EasyAzon link found top of this page and input details of what I want.

On Search Keywords, I insert “New Arrivals” since I want to search for new products on Amazon. In Search Index, I input the category I am searching from. In this case, I am searching from “Video Games”.

The Amazon country I am searching from is Amazon.com (USA). You can also fill in the prices and other fields. Once the important fields are filled up, click on search.

EasyAzon Review

A list of all new products in Video and Games category will be displayed. Just select the one you want and insert on the page. In this case, I am going to pick the first one on the line and insert it as an image link on the left side.

You can select if you want the Amazon affiliate link to be a text link, image link, CTA link or Info bloc and since you already set up your Amazon Associates Keys, your Amazon associate ID is already embedded within your affiliate link.

So, you do not need to do anything else.  That all you need to do and you are now ready to start earning commission straight from your WordPress blog.

One best thing about this EasyAzon plugin is what we call localization. This localization settings allow you to earn commission from customers from other countries.

So, if a customer wants to buy something and he visits www.amazon.com through your link and is from UK, he is re-directed to www.Amazon.co.uk instead. So, you will still earn commission from him. All what you need to do is sign up for other countries Amazon associate account.

In summary, here are the main features of Easy Azon Plugin:

  • Multiple links options. Allow you to insert links as either Text Links, Image Links with multiple size options, Call to Action boxes and Info Blocks.
  • Built-in link localization option to redirect customers to their appropriate Amazon country. This allow you to earn commissions from customers of other countries rather than where your Amazon affiliate account was initially registered.
  • Provide customers with “Add-To-Cart” option with a 90 day cookie. This allow you to still earn commission from customers who might have clicked on your links and saved them and later make a purchase for up to 90 days. Typical Amazon Affiliate product links provide you with a commission for anything a customer purchases, but only for a 24 hour period.


If you have an Amazon affiliate store or you plan to promote Amazon products in the near future, EasyAzon is one of the best plugin that I can highly recommend.

This plugin save you alot of time and energy that you could otherwise have wasted having to search for each individual product on Amazon. It is also very easy to use and no technical skills are needed.

The other best thing is that, it allow you to make more money as you are able to earn commissions from other countries rather than your Amazon Associate registered country.

If you are reading this post and you have an Amazon store or you are currently promoting Amazon products on your store, you can learn more on how the plugin works by visiting the official website of EasyAzon plug in here.

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