Donkey Mails Review – Get Paid for Reading Emails

Donkey MailsDonkey mail is a website that pay you for completing simple tasks, such as reading emails, surfing, playing games and signing up for various offers displayed on their website.

You can also earn through their referral program by referring new members to join the program. Even though there are different ways to earn money on this website, Donkey mail is well known for “email reading”.

Most people who join the program earn their money through email reading. The website claims to pay $0.25 per mail that you read and you can expect to get a maximum of 10 mails in one month.

This means you will be making around $2.50, which is pretty low. However, if you are able to complete other available tasks on the site, it can easily add up to something more, even though you cannot expect it to pay your bills.

In addition, you can increase your earnings by upgrading your basic membership account to other available options like baby donkey, small donkey and big donkey among others.

How Do You Get Paid?

Donkey Mail payment threshold is very low and you will get paid through Paypal when your account reaches only $1, once in every two weeks.

Do I recommend Donkey Monkey?

I am not here to recommend any program and my work is only to write a review about available money making opportunities, it is your duty to decide whether you want to join a program or not and to do a further background check.

However, looking at the Donkey Mail pay, which is only $.025 per mail, I wouldn’t waste my time with this kind of program.

There are better ways to earn money online rather than spending your time behind a computer to earn pennies but if you are just getting started or you are a beginners and you would like to earn your first dollar, Donkey Mail might be a good option for you.

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