Different Ways to Make Money From Google Adsense

Google Adsense ReviewGoogle Adsense is known to be one of the generous pay per click program for publishers. They are known to reward their publishers as well as anyone else who becomes a partner by joining other Google Adsense revenue sharing websites.

Over the last few years, Google Adsense has expanded their revenue sharing programs by incorporating other  revenue sharing options to make this program even more profitable.

In this posts, I look at different ways that you can utilize Google Adsense to earn money online;

Use Adsense Search

The Google Adsense Search partner program displays contextually relevant ads on your customs search engine results pages. So, when a user clicks on the search ads it taken to a relevant merchant’s website where you earn some money, based on the set pay per click rate.

How much money you earn depends on the number of advertisers who are competing on being placed on search results pages.

Paid Forums

There are many paid online forums that share their revenue with active members. Not only are these forums great for earning money but they also offer their members an opportunity to socialize and meet new friends or even advertise their own businesses.

Article Writing

Article writing is one of the most commonly way of becoming a part of Adsense revenue sharing program. With so many article submission sites cropping every other day, you will definitely find a good website that fits your niche or your interests.

Adsense ads are usually displayed along the articles. You will then get paid a certain percentage of the revenue, based on the total number of clicks your articles generate. The more views your articles generate, the more money you will get paid.

Become YouTube Partner

Do you have an idea or an interesting video that you would like to share with the world? Well, if you manage to qualify and become a YouTube partner, you could simply make money by displaying Google ads on your video page. So, whenever a visitor views your videos and click on the ads, you earn some cash.


Social networks have increased in popularity and they are now number one good places to sell your products or to promote your businesses. The idea of making money using social network sites is underlooked by many since most people takes social sites as purely places for socializing.

Social websites not only offer you an opportunity to socialize but you can make money by participating and doing what you do in other social networks.

Starting a Blog

Whether your blog is about personal life, business or any other niche. Google Adsense offers anyone an opportunity to monetize a website through their Adsense program.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, this may be the the right time for you to start making money using Google Adsense.

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