Different Affiliate Partners Online Programs

Affiliates partner programs are some of the most commonly ways used to earn money online.  However, most people are not even aware of the different forms that exist. There are different types of affiliate marketing programs with the most common one been per sale model, where you get paid if you send someone to a merchant website and that person makes a purchase. Today we are going to look at the different forms of affiliate marketing;

1. Pay Per Post

This is a type of an affiliate program where you get paid on per post basis. Basically, you agree  on specific number of words and links to attach to your post, pointing to someone else website. You then set a fixed price. For an example, if you agree on one link with 100 words and each word you charge $0.01, then you will make $1.00 per link.

2. Pay Per Click
Pay per click is yet another form of affiliate marketing that is popular with advertising companies like Google Adwords. You place a banner or a link on your website and every time someone clicks on that banner/link is re-directed to the advertiser’s or a merchant’s website. You are then paid some money based on the agreed cost per click. Most advertising companies pay in between $0.01 – $0.2 per click. The more traffic you have on your website, the more chances of making more money using this kind of model.

3. Pay Per Sale
Pay Per Sale is the most common form of affiliate marketing. You only get paid when a lead or a referral makes a sale. This form of affiliate marketing solely depends on how many products you are able to sell. The Pay Per Sale model is considered as one of the best way to earn money online.

4. Single Tier Program
Single Tier Program is where you get rewarded for direct transactions that you have generated. No rewards are given to the referrals or people you enroll into the program.  Basically, what you earn is purely based on your ability to sell the product and the number of visitors you are able to send to the merchant’s website.

5. Pay Per Lead
Here you get paid a certain commission for generating leads for merchants’ companies. In some instances, the lead may be required to complete a certain task or fill up a questionnaire in order to be classified as qualifying lead.

6. Two Tier Program
This is almost similar with single tier program, however, in this case, you are rewarded twice. You are rewarded for your direct transaction as well as for bringing new affiliate into the program. In single tier program, there is no rewarsd for new affiliates that you bring into the program.

7. Flat Fee Affiliate
This is based on a predetermined price for each visitor who made a transaction. There is a fixed amount of commission you get paid irrespective of the ticket value or the cost of the merchant’s product that you sell.

8. Multi Tier Program
In Multi Tier Program, you get paid based on the total number of affiliates you send to the merchant’s website and how many products they purchase. There are usually different levels of affiliates. If your referrals sign up for those levels, you get paid on each level they signup.

These are some of the most common affiliate partner programs. There are other where you get paid for just generating traffic to a website. The most important thing is to determine what type of affiliate program is suitable for you before joining any of them.

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