Clickworker Crowdsourcing Review – Get Paid for Doing Projects Online

Clickworker ReviewClickworker is an online crowd sourcing website that hire workers from all over the world. Workers are hired to do various projects from different companies. These projects are then divided into small parts, which are given to qualifying workers to complete.

Clickworker is a little bit different, unlike other outsourcing companies or paid to complete task websites where individuals bid or select a task to complete, you must be qualified to be awarded a project/task.

To qualify to complete a certain project or task, you must have done and passed two types of assessments. These assessments are Base assessment and Project Assessment. The Base assessment helps to evaluate skills such as spelling, grammar and foreign-language knowledge. Projects assessments teach you specific requirements that you must fulfill when working on different projects.

These assessments are offered in different languages including, English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

Other Requirements for Payment

  • You need to have a bank account in a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) countries or
  • You must have a valid PayPal account or simply you can accept payment via PayPal.

Once you are through the assessment process and you have qualified, you can now start accepting different projects/tasks.

The following are some of the projects they do hire qualified members to complete;

  • Text Creation – writing or editing of simple texts, providing unique content, or search engine optimization.
  • Translation and Keyword Assignment
  • Image Capturing and Categorization
  • Product Reviews and Opinion Polls
  • Web Research

How Much Money Do You Earn?

After signing up and confirming your email, you account is immediately credited with EUR/$ 0.10 (depending your country) after filling up one question survey. You can then start completing various projects, almost immediately. How much money you make depends on the type of project you qualify to take. The more assessment tests you take, the better is your chances of getting more projects.

Clickworker’s payment process is divided into several steps; After submission of a task, you receive an immediate credit into your account. You then have to wait for your task to be reviewed by an editor. If it is rejected, you are given sometimes to rework on it.

This results into your account getting debited with the previous amount that was credited. Once you re-submit, you account is credited again but this time, your project is given to another editor. If your work is rejected again, you account will be debited and you will not have another chance to redo the work again.

On average, data Research Projects pay in between of $0.12 per job. This can take you around 3 minutes to complete and if you have already mastered the job, you can finish one within 1 minute. SEO optimized 500 words count article average a pay of around $5-8 per article. Detailed articles like how to can fetch around $12 and above.

Other offline projects like searching for a certain place in your home area and submitting the required information can be paid up to $20 and above. Payments are done through Paypal/Euro Bank once you reach a balance of EUR/$10 on 7th and 8th of each month.

Referral Program

Clickworker offers a great referral system, you get paid EUR/$5 for every referral who signs up under your name and reaches the payout threshold of EUR/$10. Currently, Clickworker has 485,845 active registered workers.


Clickworker offers anyone an opportunity to earn money by completing various projects or tasks. However, to qualify to complete a project or a taks, you must complete and pass the assigned assessment tests, which in deed are usually not hard and anyone with some basic skills can be able to pass.

So far, Clickworker seems to be doing very well and some workers are earning big on the site.  The only problem a few workers seem to be complaining about is lack of enough projects to complete. However, this problem can easily be solved if you are able complete as many assessment tests as possible.

Lastly, if you are thinking of joining Clickworker and you would like to increase your chances of qualifying for many projects, I would recommend you to take all assessments tests.

You should also make sure you are doing them correctly since the qualifying score is 90 and above. Furthermore, failing in the assessment tests mean you do not qualify to take any project on the website.

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