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10 Best Highest Paying Companies in Kenya

Highest Paying Companies in KenyaWith the high cost of living, high levels of unemployment and other factors not forgetting the ever rising political temperatures in this country, finding a job has become a nightmare for most people.

Each and every year, thousands of graduates are being released from learning institutions to the job market in Kenya. It’s estimated that around twenty three to thirty thousands graduates are released from universities and colleges. However, the job market is not expanding, and these people have to compete with the experienced ones in the market. Read More

10 Lucrative Products & Services to Sell Kenya

10 Lucrative Products $ Services to Sell to KenyansDevelopment of Communication and Information Technology (ICT) is a major boost to the economy of Kenya and currently, Kenyans are among the most active internet users in Africa.

Kenyans have taken on the online platform to empower themselves through exchange of goods and services.

Mostly, university graduates lack adequate employment opportunity within the country. The option of online marketing came in handy as hundreds of thousands of the population do business online. This article samples the top 10 Lucrative Products & Services to Sell to Kenyans. Read More

10 Best Ways Kenyan Make Money Online

10 Ways to Make Money in KenyaMost Kenyans from institutions of higher learning, current students and other die-hard freelancers are investing their time online to make money. With shrinking employment opportunities, online jobs came in handy for resourceful Kenyans who led the internet exodus a few years back.

Beginners and stranded job seekers can leverage the 10 Best Ways Kenyan Make Money Online to wring out substantial dollars: Read More

10 Best Ways to Invest Money in 2015

10 Best Ways to Invest Money in 2015Making more money is everyone’s goal, and investing is one of the best ways to get more returns in your basket. However, not every investment is worth investing your hard earned money, and this begs the question; What are the 10 best ways to invest money in 2015?

1. Technology – Investing money in technology is one best way that you won’t live to regret. With the growing technology in the world, putting your dollars in it is a sure way you shall have good returns. Read More

Important Points When Writing Simple Products Reviews

Paid Review TipsMaking money online is not easy as it requires patience, willingness and dedication in order for you to reach your target and goals. Previously, I have written articles and reviews for other websites and I came to a conclusion it is not an easy task as many would think.

The whole process is daunting and requires sparing quality time, dedication and readiness to move forward even when there is little or no return. Read More