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Guide on Starting Importing Business in Kenya

How to  start importing business in KenyaA business owner placed in Kenya or anywhere else in the world should possess knowledge of a few things in order to be able to conduct a successful export/import business.

These things include, necessary work permits and licenses, import/export procedures and documents, along with details of their business partners.

Conducting a business in any particular manner requires one to understand the processes involved and possess a firm grip on handling each of the processes, as and when they come. Read More

Online Jobs Paying Through Payoneer in Kenya

How to Get Paid in Kenya with PayoneerEmployment in the strict traditional sense is fast fading away giving room for more inventive and flexible money making ventures. Online work for example has taken very deep roots in Kenya and the only challenge that remains is getting paid fast and efficiently.

This article looks at Payoneer as a payment option for freelancers and the online workforce in Kenya.


Globally recognized as one of the largest online employers, oDesk just made things a whole lot easier for Kenyan online writers who are registered with them. With a constant stream of work and very lucrative earnings, you need a safe and secure way to get paid. Read More

10 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in Kenya

10 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in KenyaOne of the primary reason that has led to the rise of Kenyan economy is the growth of industries.

The manufacturing sector has opened its doors to new investors. Products made can be sold in the East African markets or even other global markets.

If you are thinking of starting a manufacturing company soon, we have listed below the 10 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in Kenya to make it easy for you to get started. Read More

10 Examples of Small Businesses Doing well in Kenya

Small Scale Businesses Doing Well in KenyaThe country of Kenya is beginning to grow astronomically. It is starting to develop into a faster paced, unique country with its own needs.

There are also more job openings and opportunities to start your own small business. But what small businesses are doing well in Kenya?

Here are the top 10 small Business ideas or entrepreneurs that are doing quite well in the market.

10.  Opening your Own Barbershop
With the Growing population and the need for a more presentable appearance in both office and home, a salon or barber shop is in high demand. Read More

10 Food Kenyan Business Ideas to Turn into Business

Food Business Ideas for KenyansOver the last few years, many entrepreneurs in Kenya have been looking for business ventures to invest in. Fortunately, this has come at a time when food businesses have been booming in Kenya with high profits being realized from the following food business ideas.

1.  Cake Decorating

The nice, unique cakes designs made by highly skilled cake bakers has tremendously increased the number of interested customers because of their attractive shapes. Read More