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Legit Online Jobs for Kenyan Students

Legit Online Jobs for Kenyan Students

Kenya faces an unemployment rate of 39.1%, it has been further worsened by the slow growth of the economy. But over the past ten years the government has created an enabling environment for technology and internet to flourish.

Further more the increased competition between telecommunication companies has lead to better delivery of services to their customers.

Who knew a laptop or even a smart phone could be a gold mine!. Read More

Top 10 International Paid Get to Search Websites

Top 10 Get Paid to Search WebistesGet paid to search websites are sites where you can get paid cash or rewards for surfing the web, referring friends and for viewing a page for specified amount of time, ranging from 10 seconds to 60 seconds.

However, these are not sites that you can fully rely on to earn your income online but they can supplement your income. Payment per task are usually in pennies, ranging in between $0.01 to $0.05. Read More

UniqPaid Review – Get Paid Reading Offer Emails

UniqPaid  Review - Complete Short OffersBasically, get paid to read email programs are “Get Paid To Websites” where you  can get paid for completing short tasks sent through your email.

Most people signing up for these kinds of programs usually think they will get paid for reading emails, which is not quite true.

The reality is, the emails you receive usually contain advertisers’ links for products or services. You will have to click on the links and visit the advertiser’s website in order for you to earn. Read More

Websites to Make Money Playing Games Online

Games OnlineDo you enjoy playing games online? If you do, you have come to the right place. Today, I am going to review two of my favourite websites where you can make money or get rewarded for playing games or participating in mini competitions and tournaments.

These two of my favorites websites are the  – WorldWinner and Gamesville.

1.  Worldwinner

As stated on their website, Wordwinner provides skill-based competitions with a FairMatching System, specifically designed to eliminate elements of luck from the outcome.  In addition, they make sure all games are equally as challenging as the one played by the opponent to provide a fair playing field for all their members. Read More

AyuWage Review – Get Paid for Completing Tasks

Get Paid for Surfing the InternetAyuWage is an interesting website, which is a get paid to program. Basically, you get paid for surfing through the internet, completing short tasks, visiting other websites and surveys, among others.

They also do have a forum where you can find payment proofs, suggestions, answers and comments from other members.

How to Make Money with Ayuwage

Making money with Ayuwage is by completing any of the offers listed on their website. Immediately after registration, you can start earning money by going to start earning link. Read More