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10 Best International Writers Websites in 2015

10 Best International Writers Websites in 2015In this economically bleak world of today, there is need to make that extra cash by all means possible. One of the ways to do so is through article writing sites.

Several of good article writing websites exist, with the list below expounding on top ten best international writers website in 2015:

Odesk – It is an online global platform that is based in San Francisco, USA, bringing together businesses and professionals. Clients post jobs free-of-charge and freelancers must bid to be accepted. If you are hired to complete a project, you are supposed to complete it within six days. Read More Review – Legit or Scam?

Best Writers ReviewBest writers formerly known as Elite Visitors is a revenue sharing website where you can submit articles and earn some money.

It is a revenue sharing website partnering with Google Adsense for their revenue. You earn for every view and comment your articles get.

How much money you earn depends on how many articles you have submitted, quality of the articles and the views they get. The revenue is shared in the ratio of 50% to 50%. Read More

Make Money Online Without Website With Google Adsense

Make Money OnlineMake Money Online Without Website With Google Adsense? This sounds impossible since most people believe you need a website or a blog to display the Google Adsense ads.

Fortunately, there are other ways to make money from Google Adsense without owning your own blog or a website.

Making money online with Google Adsense without a website is through revenue sharing programs where you are offered a chance to publish your contents on their website. Read More

Writedge Review – Revenue Sharing Website

Writedge Revenue Sharing ProgramWritedge is one of the best article submitting websites where you can post your articles and get paid. It is a revenue sharing website that uses Google Adsense as their source of income.

You earn money from the total number of views your articles generate. The revenue generated through the website is shared in ratio of 50% by 50%.

Joining Writedge

Joining Writedge is free and open to members from all over the world, provided you have good command of written English. You must also be able to write articles of atleast 400 words in length. Read More

Revenue Sharing Sites to Earn Money

Revenue SitesThe following is a list of revenue sharing websites where you can submit your articles and earn some money;


You write and submit quality, original articles. This is not a site for poetry or personal opinions. The information you submit must be factual and informative. Your earnings are based on the total number of views your articles generate.

Associated Content

Associated Content allow you to submit articles on any category or any topic. They also accept submission of video games and articles on how to. Read More