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How to Make Money As Amazon Affiliate in Kenya

Make Money in Kenya with AmazonOne popular way to make money online is by becoming an Amazon Associate. By joining the Amazon Associate Program, you become an Amazon affiliate and you can start promoting products from Amazon to earn commission.

Amazon is one of the biggest shopping platform and with over millions of products listed on this site from different sellers and big manufacturing companies, there is definitely alot of money to made from this site. Read More

How to Make Money With CPL Networks in Kenya

Cost per Lead for KenyansBasically, CPL are Cost Per Lead networks where you get paid for sending a customer to a certain website to accomplish a certain action such as signing up for an offer, submitting an email address, subscribing to a certain program, among other things.

Leads generation programs are considered as one of the easiest way to get started on making money online since you do not even need to have a website of your own. The only thing you need to do is to search for an offer to promote and market it to the right audience through Email or using PPC networks like Google Adword or Facebook. Read More

How to Make Money with JVZoo Affiliate Program

JVZoo Marketplace ReviewIf you are looking for another international affiliate program to make money online, you may consider joining JVZoo.  JVZoo is another market place just like Clickbank.

However, unlike Clickbank, which is big and anyone can join to start promoting other vendor’s products almost immediately.  JVZoo is a little bit smaller and you will have to wait to get approved to promote a particular product by the vendor. Read More

How to Make Money With ClickBank in Kenya

Make Money WIth Clickbank Clickbank has evolved itself as one of the best marketing channel where marketers and vendors can interact easily online without having to deal with each other directly.

So far, Clickbank remains one of the most trusted digital marketing place. This is most likely because Clickbank has managed to build itself a good reputation among other marketing companies.

What is ClickBank

ClickBank is a marketplace where vendors (product owners) list their products/services for affiliates or marketers to choose what type of products/services they want to promote. Read More

Different Affiliate Partners Online Programs

Affiliates partner programs are some of the most commonly ways used to earn money online.  However, most people are not even aware of the different forms that exist. There are different types of affiliate marketing programs with the most common one been per sale model, where you get paid if you send someone to a merchant website and that person makes a purchase. Today we are going to look at the different forms of affiliate marketing; Read More